Monday, 12 November 2007

This is getting silly

The BBC called today (you have no idea how giggly the sound of those words makes me. I am shallow) and as well as going to the TV studios on Friday evening with Second Born, I am now pencilled in to chat to Fred Macauley (people in Scotland nod knowingly, people elsewhere shout "Who?" in unison) on BBC Radio Scotland on Friday. It appears that someone in the Beeb finds the idea of me being roundly beaten in a race by a 7 year old amusing. I tell you, I had better raise some more money before Friday - I will feel slightly daft brandishing one of those big cardboard cheques for only £130. Which reminds me, must contact bank and ask about big cardboard cheque........

PS I will not definitely be on the radio but if I am, it will be between 11.30 and 12 noon on Friday. Feel free to listen out for me disseminating the details of my humiliation to the nation. (Oh, and I had better make sure my grammar is up to scratch if Isabelle is listening!!)

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