Friday, 16 November 2007

Well that was weird

Just did the wee spot on Fred Macauley's show for Children in Need on Radio Scotland. And I have to tell you it is a bit of a surreal experience to be speaking to a studio full of people on the phone at my desk, surrounded by the usual piles of files and papers and faxes. I think I managed not to garble too much but I doubt that a career in broadcasting beckons.

My poor mother meantime was apparently phoning my office switchboard in a paddy because she could not find a radio in my house on which to listen to the broadcast. Now, we have digital TV which includes all the radio stations. We have a laptop sitting in the living room on which you can listen online. We have an ancient hi-fi there too, with its tuner. We have a "ghetto blaster" type CD player in the dining room with a radio and a tape deck. Her car (out on the drive) has a radio. I was laughing afterwards with her and pointing all of this out to her. "Well, you have to realise" she said "that us older people can't work that stuff out".

"You were looking for something Bakelite with a big light-up dial, weren't you?" I said. She was.

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  1. When my mother-in-law comes to help out with the boys when I'm traveling, we have to put sticky notes on our remote controls labeling which buttons do what, and write out instructions on how to switch between television, DVD, VCR, satellite, DVR and Playstation. The price of technology!