Sunday, 4 November 2007

Very dull but it's a post

Well, I actually managed to get out and go for a run this morning. And before 8am. On a Sunday. You're impressed, aren't you? I wasn't expecting much and I lived up - or should that be down? - to expectations. I allowed myself to walk when I felt I needed it, which turned out to be every 10 to 12 minutes or so but I did manage a total outing of 42 minutes so that's not too bad. My legs are, even as we speak, reminding me of every step.

Since then, it has been what is now a fairly standard Sunday. Taking Second Born to a birthday party, taking First Born to karate, picking Second Born up from the party, commiserating with First Born who had to leave karate early because he is not feeling well (just a cold I think but he was quite spectacularly pale), then doing washing, baking cookies - the usual. Planning to spend the rest of the day slobbing about.

This has been a quite amazingly dull post but Sundays aren't supposed to be exciting, are they? Hope everyone else is having as nice a day as I am. I'll try to come up with something spellbinding for tomorrow, promise.


  1. Yes, I'm very impressed. I was still lying in bed covered in cat at that time.

    I'm also impressed at the photo, though faintly disappointed that I don't recognise you. After all, I know the other 499,999 people in Edinburgh by sight. Well, perhaps not.

    Why are you called Loth?

  2. Wow, before 8am!!! It took me until 6pm today to get round to exercising! I share Isabelle's disappointment at not recognising you – I also feel like I know every face in Edinburgh!

  3. Isabelle - Loth is a nickname I picked up at work years ago. Very boringly, it had to do with what my squiggle of a signature looked like and it kind of stuck, especially since it differentiated me from the other Linda I work with.