Monday, 26 November 2007

Well, shucks, how kind of you

Monday morning, so back to work after the heady excitement of the weekend and Strictly Come Dancing (I can stop any time I want, honest I can). Had a nice morning today as I had a meeting with a new client. She is an older lady who isn't able to get out so I went to see her. She got me on side immediately by saying "Oh, I wondered if you would be a young thing or a middle aged lady.." I laughed and said "Well, middle aged is I think the accurate description" but she patted my arm and said "Oh, no, you're just a lass!" I like this lady.

I always feel slightly like a fraud when I am in full solicitor persona, as if someone at some point is going to point at me and shout "She's not a proper lawyer! Stop her!" This may have something to do with my deep seated insecurities and possibly a little to do with the fact that at least three clients of mine, with no connection to each other have said "You don't talk like a lawyer" or words to that effect. I am never quite sure what to make of that but it does seem to suggest that whatever I am doing, it is not what people expect a lawyer to be like. Whether this is because people have very mistaken ideas about what lawyers are like or because I am genuinely not like a real lawyer, I will leave you to guess!

But I must tell you of the best recommendation anyone has ever given for my firm. I acted for a client in a fairly lengthy matter and got a good result for him. He then recommended us to a friend of his with the immortal line "Use XY, you'll like them. They're no' up themselves". We are seriously considering using that as our advertising strapline "XY. We're no' up oursel's" Could catch on.


  1. You'll have to explain that expression to me. I don't think we have that one in America. Does it mean that you are not full of yourselves?

    When I tell people that I'm an engineer, I say it rather sheepishly convinced that they will not believe me.

  2. I try not to say 'LOL' but you really do make me laugh out loud!

  3. Not talking like a lawyer = best kind of lawyer.

  4. I think it probably means you don't talk like a lawyer on the telly.

    As for feeling like a fraud... I suspect many of us do. Lawyers or not.