Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Okay, I kind of did it...

I regret to report that I did not go out for a run on Monday or Tuesday (*hangs head in shame*). But I did eventually go to the gym today and even though I only ran for about a mile and a half or so and that took 15 MINUTES, at least I did it. And I did some weights too. It's a start.

I noticed while I was there that the gym has acquired those Power Plate machines that look sort of like George Foreman grills you can stand on. The blurb for them claims you can get the same benefit as a one hour workout in only 15 minutes. Really? Is that true? Because it seems to me that it is either (a)not true, or (b) an indication that the things will put you through 15 minutes of abject torture to get that benefit. I am not even sure what you do on them - they don't look like they go up or down or sideways. Do you just stand on them and jiggle? (hee! I typed "juggle" there by accident) Anyone with any experience of these mysterious articles, please let me know in the comments, otherwise my sheer nosiness may force me into taking a class and frankly that could be messy.


  1. I saw one of those things reviewed on Channel 5's Gadget Show. Turns out they actually do work. I'm not sure about the 15 minutes claim though, he tried it over a 6 week period and it did improve his fitness.

  2. Well at least you exercise more then I do. :)

    Last night Hubs and I went for a brisk walk in the woods. I kept wondering if a bear would decide on an evening snack!

  3. At least you did it (pats you on the shoulder) I know how hard it is!

  4. I use the Power Plate at the gym and you definitely need to be shown how to do it, because if you stand wrong, it hurts in places you didn't know could hurt!

    That said, when doing the exercises properly it also hurts, but in a muscle fatigue kind of way rather than a box of broken biscuits being shaken around kind of way!

    I have no idea whether it works as compared to the rest of the stuff I do in the gym, but I do have very firm thigh muscles these days! And I also saw the Gadget Show segment on them and yes the guy's fitness and stamina was improved (he trialled the Power Plate, she trialled the Wii Fit I think and he improved much more by the end of 6 weeks)

    Well done on getting back out there - that's the hardest step done!

  5. Hello there. I've been following your blog via Princesse Ecossaise and now I've plucked up the courage to comment.
    Well done you for the run! As for powerplate, I did a trial session last year and I was not impressed! I think it is beneficial for "toning your silhouette" when combined with other exercise. But you don't get the benefit of actually *moving*, it's not like a good cardio workout. Not my cup of tea really!

  6. At first I was going to say try it. But then if it does work, what will you call your blog?!?

  7. I think April has an excellent point! Well done for the run. I walked home after our coffee. Does this add up to a 15-minute run, do you think?

    I so agree about children not having tvs in their bedrooms.

    Onwards and upwards!

  8. My doctor says twenty minutes of heart pounding is fine. Anything more the 45 minutes has a greatly diminished return. Fifteen minutes is better than nothing.