Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Should I have said something?

I went out for a run again this morning, hirpling around the fields with gritted teeth and steaming face. I alarmed a small rabbit slightly and sent a huge flock of crows skywards in indignation. This was just as I ran past the big field of wheat waiting to be harvested or, as it is known around here at the moment, the pond. Poor farmers, must be weeping in frustration.

As I passed the corner shop on the way home a man came out with his newspaper and half dozen rolls and something on his head. On his forehead to be precise. Something.........silver? I didn't want to look at first in case it was a really unusual birthmark and I would just annoy him by staring but I couldn't help it. As he walked by, I peered. At the silver price label stuck to his forehead which appeared to be advertising him for sale at £9.99. "Cheap." I thought, and headed home for muesli.

But don't you think the guy that sold him the newspaper and rolls should have said something?


  1. Hehehe poor bloke is going to be mortified whenever he finally looks in a mirror!

  2. You should thank the guy who didn't tell him - for all our amusement :)