Friday, 23 January 2009

Another in the long-running series...

I present for your delectation number I-don't-know-what in the long running series "I really don't understand how boys' minds work".

Scene: Kitchen, 7.40am. Harassed mother running slightly late due to continuous questions such as "Would you like to hear me recite my poem now?" interfering with her well-practised and streamlined preparation of two packed lunches and two break-time snacks.

Characters: Aforementioned mother and one eight-year old boy, played by SB.

SB: (*wails from the hall*) Mu-u-u-um!

Me: What? (from the kitchen, rather more impatiently than I would like to admit to)

SB: My felt tip pens fell out of the packet and I've picked them up but there's one missing and I can't find it!!!!

Me: Have you looked for it? (Not such a daft question, as anyone who has lived with a male of any age will know)

SB: YES!!!!! I really can't find it Mum!

Me: (*turning round and looking towards the hall. Where it is dark. Very dark - this is Scotland in January. It won't be daylight until closer to 9am*) Are you.........looking for it in the dark?

SB: ..........

Me: If you are searching for a pen, would it not be helpful to, I don't know, turn the light on?

SB: (*switches light on. Short pause.*) Found it!!!!!!!

I wish I was making this up.


  1. It was more of a challenge to do it in the dark, though, you have to admit. You want to raise a son who accepts life's challenges, don't you?

    Enjoyed our coffee this afternoon. (We had coffee with Loth, everyone. Don't you wish you'd been there too?)

  2. LOL! That is too funny. No, I don't understand the male mind either!

  3. You can already see the man he will become :-)

  4. You feel honoured that they still need you and call on you in times of despair. Soon you won't even be fit to look at or speak to. (just for a while, then they'll come crawling back at about 19 or 20)

  5. Sometimes I think they just don't look.


  6. lol. Sounds like a typical household. We are all daft at times:)
    Cheers, Shelagh
    ps, thanks for popping by my blog:)

  7. Re your comment on my blog - my parents were members(and my mother still is a member, or to be more accurate an associate member - being a woman and all) of the New Club. Yes, women can go into it unaccompanied, providing they're (assoc) members. There are some rooms they're not allowed into, of course...

    It's a fine hilarious place to listen to other people's conversations, eg - in very posh English accent - "Of course one simply can't have a nanny who doesn't ski, can one?"

    Well, clearly not.

  8. Oh, Loth this is priceless. My 4 year old is just the same. Thanks for cheering up a boring day at work!

  9. It's not just boys. Rachel does the same damn thing(s). She'll try to find something without turning on a light (and by 'trying' I mean 'taking all of 2.6 seconds to look around without moving things'). And she seems to have a sort of object blindess that results in her being unable to see the thing she's looking for, even if it's close enough to bite her. If a felt tipped pen/Barbie/hairbrush could bite, that is.

  10. Wow! My boy D is not the only one who looks for things in the dark, then? So ... it's to do with the chromosomes? I didn't bring up wrong after all??