Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hello! (Waves madly like a loon!)

How nice of you all to pop up and say hi - nothing nicer than to log in and find some comments from people who, for reasons which are still unfathomable to me, are reading my rubbish on the net. One futher teeny tiny request - any of you who commented who also have blogs? Leave the URL in the comments so I can come and poke around in your stuff say hello. Thank you!


  1. Hello back at ya! Just found you through Off the Scale, will try and read some more before my boss catches me (again!) :o)

  2. I went to look over the shoulder of one of my students today and she said, "No, don't stop me. I'm on a roll, like butter." I don't suppose she made this up but I thought it was quite funny.

    How's that for an irrelevant comment?

  3. Hello! Been meaning to read your blog through for ages. This is tomorrow's procrastination technique x