Friday, 2 January 2009

Because who doesn't enjoy a good giggle?

I am posting this purely and simply because I just watched a programme about Morecambe and Wise and while I enjoyed the clips they showed, they didn't include my favourite. So here it is, and it doesn't mater how many times I watch this, I still giggle.



  1. Oh no! You just made me watch Tom Jones AND Cliff Richard! Pfff... that's it, year of culture doomed already.



  2. How on earth did he manage not to collapse in a hysterical heap? I was never a fan of TJ but my opinion of him has improved!

  3. Oh Loth, best wishes for the new job! And as I take my 1.15 pm class I shall think of you out in the dazzling Scottish sunshine, soaking up the rays.

  4. Tom Jones even had to giggle.

  5. Can you imagine the serious, angst-filled pop stars of today allowing that?

    Thanks for the laugh!