Monday, 7 December 2009

I'm really looking forward to Thursday now

Second Born is participating in a Christmas service at school on Thursday. The primary 5 year group is presenting a dramatisation of the Nativity. SB was put forward for the auditions by his teacher and announced last week that he had been cast as one of the Wise Men. (We initially took this with a pinch of salt - we still haven't forgotten the time in Primary 1 when he claimed he was playing Joseph and when we turned up, he was actually Generic Shepherd Number 6)

He has however been learning his lines and it does indeed look like he is to be one of the Magi. Today when I picked him up from school he announced that they had been trying on their costumes.

"You should see mine, Mum. Imagine an Eighties pop star with a bit of Christianity mixed in."

I tried. I wasn't entirely sure I had the right picture in my head though, until he said

"It's sort of lots of shiny gold with a bit of leopardskin".

Oh dear. I had the right mental image after all. This is going to be an interesting Nativity.


  1. Ha! That sounds brilliant. You need to post a photo of that!

  2. Aww. My little shepherd was showing a little bit too much of her knickers for my liking last night.

  3. I'm shocked and amazed that ya'll are still allowed to do nativity plays in school. How deliciously politically incorrect. In these parts, you'd have several factions protesting outside the school. Rock on little wise guy!