Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Promise Honoured

Well, as I promised, here is a photograph of Edinburgh's Most Vulgar Christmas Tree. This is what happens if you (a) keep every single decoration your children have ever made in school and use ALL of them; (b) keep all the tinsel you have ever owned regardless of how old/bald/garish it is; and (c) let your sons do the decorating without intervening at all. (Well except to point out that the decorations are not actually supposed to trail on the carpet. Ideally.)Tasteful, eh? I particularly like the football at the base that I hadn't even noticed until I uploaded the photo. I also love the figure on the top of the tree.

For years we used to put anything that took our fancy on the top: a wooden penguin, a Halloween spider with fangs and a purple mohican, and a china pig with a halo to name but three. Then we got Marvin and he has become a fixture. The punk Halloween spider is cross about this but there is little he can do, crushed as he is in the bottom of the boys' wardrobe.

I suppose I should go off and write some Christmas cards now. Or, alternatively, I could make a cup of tea and have one of the brownies I baked earlier. Hmmm............


  1. I think it's a perfect Christmas tree. It reflects a happy family of creative boys and parents who care more about fun and involving their children in all aspects of family life than they do about what's de rigeuer.

  2. Sometimes, more is actually more. Though pity the anthropologist who happens by and tried to unravel the semiotics of it all. (Which happens in south Ed all the time, you'd be surprised)

    We let our boys decorate our tree too (and since we are just moving back to our original tenement, post flooding, will have to do again) with similar results. But totally lacking for a Marvin or Halloween spider.


  3. I have never seen a spider with a mohican, and I think you should rescue yours from the bottom of the wardrobe and post a picture of him. For science!

    I'm pretty sure that our tree topper isn't supposed to be a starfish, but I have come to the conclusion that it is one.

  4. Our tree also drips with decor, but I think the one time that more is undoubtedly most is when decorating the Christmas tree. (Though I have to admit to not being much of a minimalist at any time.)

    But what is the blue plastic (glass) tray thing on pyramidal legs on the table? Do tell!

  5. I'ts a lovely tree. Marvin is a nice touch. I let the girls decorate the tree this year, after I put the lights on it. We too have lots of child-made ornaments from school and daycare, and every one gets put up every year. We don't do themed trees, unless "Leah and Rachel" is a theme.

  6. Wow. That tree is ... retro! Yes, that's it, it's retro! I've got some decorations that D made in nursery on ours and am now desperately trying to make him do Christmas drawings rather than more tree decorations. I know. I'm horrible :-(

  7. That is one intense tree! But there's surely a lot of sentimental value on it.
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  8. I love the "whatever works" topping idea!! So it's different all the time, great idea! It makes each tree original.

  9. Merry ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Christmas