Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I am an idiot

Sunshine over the weekend? Was I seriously hoping for more sunshine? That is the very definition of "triumph of hope over experience". Today we got hail. HAIL! The newly arrived, fragile and lovely blossom on the trees was battered into wilted submission by little pellets of ice falling from the sky. (No volcanic dust in it though - I checked.) Spring this year is weird.

In other news, FB passed two great childhood milestones in the last few days. On Saturday he travelled by bus from outside our house to our nearest bookshop (a journey of about half a mile) and back, all by himself. This is quite a big deal for our First Born with all his various developmental and other issues and his father and I nearly hyperventilated ourselves into early graves waiting for him to return. Which he did, grinning, proud of himself and bearing the new Skulduggery Pleasant book which he had found and purchased all by himself.

Then, yesterday, he jumped over a small stream in a park near my parents' house, landed in mud, got stuck in mud, lost his right shoe in mud and then finally fell over into mud as he struggled to pull his said shoe from said mud. Not something one would normally consider a huge achievement, I know, but it's the most typical "messy small boy" thing he has ever done and, more importantly, he allowed his grandparents and his brother to tease him about it without having a complete meltdown. He even laughed a little himself about how stinky he was and the fact that he had to travel back in Grandad's car wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Coping with and joking about a situation where he lost his dignity as well as his shoe? Big step for FB. I am proud. (And glad that my mum got the job of washing the clothes and stinky shoes.)


  1. :) Well done to FB! As a new mum, I'm amazed at how wholly satisfying it is to see your child accomplish things!

  2. Perfect! And so nice to hear.

    And my sympathy about the hail. Here in eastern Ontario we have an unusually early spring - almost three weeks ahead by my records for daffodils, baby leaves and, sob, black flies.

  3. As a grandma, my sympathy goes out to your mom. I spent half an hour de-mucking Little Stuff's good city boots last Sunday.

  4. We went to the beach this weekend. To the rain forest. Guess what! It rained. It rained such that even you in Scotland would be impressed. I will never trust a weather report that says "showers" again.

    We have our flights booked!!! We are so excited. We will be in Edinburgh July 23-24, the Highlands all the next week, and back to Edinburgh to set out on a wandering path to London to fly home.

    (FB sounds like my FB grandson. Nature is quite wonderful--except it involves bugs and stuff like that.)

  5. Hail? It didn't hail in sunny Murrayfield!

    Ah, the mud thing reminds me of when Daughter 2 landed in mud in some stately home - well, the stately garden - and had to return to the holiday house wrapped in the car rug and not much else. She was not amused (being about 12 at the time).