Sunday, 11 April 2010

I must be getting on a bit

Astonishing. My younger son is 10. Both of my children are in double digits. I can hardly believe that. It seems like only a few months ago that we brought SB home from hospital, a bouncing, healthy, hungry and chubby boy who was nicknamed "Humpty SB" for ages due to his generous proportions. That said, he now has the physique of a fitness-mad whippet (although that may not last long given he blew £5 of his birthday money on an absolute mountain of cut price Easter chocolate today - big Lindt Easter gold bunnies for £1!)

I think I have been irritating SB just a little bit this last week, repeatedly grabbing hold of him and wailing "My baby! My baby is going to be 10! Don't leave me, my baby!" His eye-roll is now worthy of the most jaded teenager, but at least he still lets me hug him. For now.

SB was given the option of where to have his celebration dinner on Friday and he chose a little italian restaurant close to where Husband and I work. Despite being a petite soon-to-be-10-year-old with the aforementioned pipecleaner physique, he managed to pack away calamari, followed by pepperoni pizza followed by vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. The boy must have hollow legs or a Tardis stomach or something. Even FB, the dairy allergic boy, enjoyed the outing - the kind staff spirited away the lump of dairy-free cheese substitute I brought along and produced a creditable milk product-less pizza for him. Dessert stumped them, but then desserts always stump restaurants when faced with someone who cannot partake of the juice of the cow, and I can't blame them for that. Fortunately I had come prepared with a bag of jelly babies in my handbag.

On Saturday, the day of The Birthday itself, Granny and Grandad came to visit and partake of tea and cake. SB had requested that his cake this year bear a "flaming skull" motif. Which is why I spent part of Friday night searching Google Images for "flaming skulls: how to draw". The list of my talents grows ever longer, and slightly weirder. I would post a photograph of the finished item but I don't really want to risk attracting that sort of traffic.

The cake went down well and SB enjoyed forcing his grandparents to play him at various Wii games including golf and boxing. In a memorable boxing match, SB and his granny managed to simultaneously knock each other out. We decided to declare that one a draw.

SB is now enjoying the aftermath of his birthday revels, contemplating what he is going to spend all his newly-acquired cash on. I hope to goodness he comes up with something other than chocolate.


  1. A Tardis stomach -- I love it!

    My younger one will be 10 in 5.5 months. Not that she's already counting or anything like that.

    Happy (x10) birthday to your boy!

  2. Bittersweet Mom moment!! My kids are going on 4 and 6, so we'll be exiting the young-kid phase and entering that middle-childhood time soon... seems unreal, but time just marches forward!!

  3. Yes, I can see you enjoyed Prague but you wait till you don't have children any more and you have to wander childlessly around on holiday. Sniff.

    I want to go there, by the way, but you don't make it sound an attractive vegetarian destination.

  4. Happy birthday, SB! My oldest turned 10 in February and that, more than the errant grey hairs, made me feel old. God knows how I'll feel when Rae turns 10 in a couple of years. And I'm laughing picturing SB and his grandmother Wii boxing. I refuse to play that one anymore because both girls routinely clean my clock.

  5. It's really astonishing how prevalent dairy is in all our food, isn't it? The dairy industry is more powerful than superheroes. As sad as it is each year when the kiddie gets older there are also untold benefits to them growing up.

  6. Loving the concept of a Tardis stomach...

    I can empathise entirely about the babies getting older - mine has just returned from a rugby tour in Lille and I swear my hair has gone whiter over the past few hours listening to his terrible tales of drunken lunacy.

    I really need to make a flaming skull cake if my life is ever to be complete. Perhaps I'll make one for my own b'day. That'd show the Teens.

  7. Double digits, oooh, that MUST be very odd. My boy just turned 7 and I find that strange enough. I can just imagine the eye roll!