Monday, 17 May 2010

Harumble! The sofas are back!

And so am I! A double whammy of circumstances kept me from the beloved laptop for quite a few days. First, I caught a cold. One of those sneezy, tickly, drippy, red flaky nose-y, "I'll just lie down for a moment or two and rest my eyes oh dear where has the day gone?" sort of colds. I was pathetic. Still am, only now it's a "taken-up-residence-in-my-chest,-horking-up-all-sorts-of-unpleasantness-that-reminds-me-uncomfortably-of-putty" sort of a cold. That moment a half hour ago when your windows rattled for no apparent reason? That was me. Coughing. Sorry.

Secondly of course, our lack of living room furniture. I discovered very quickly after the sofas were packed off to Furniture Infirmary that (a) I am not very good at sitting on hard chairs for extended periods (I would have failed deportment lessons at finishing school. Good job I was never sent for finishing) and (b) you can't easily use a laptop while sitting in such a chair. As a result I have not been online at all since some time last week and my mother is biting her nails in frustration waiting for my next Scrabble move (she still hasn't forgiven me for quern and is plotting her revenge).

But today! Oh, today! Today, the couches came back and I am once again enthroned on only slightly ripped and scuffed leather wonderfulness, with my laptop on my lap. Wondering how on earth I am supposed to get through 375 entries on Google reader without giving up work entirely. (I know, "mark all as read", but I hate doing that - it feels like throwing books out unread - books written by friends at that - and I am pathologically incapable of throwing away a book without at least peeking inside for a wee look and then reading on a wee bit to see how it develops and then.....well, you can work out the rest. I think I am going to have to be strong and drastically cull my Google reader subscriptions. Soon. My, this is a long passage in parenthesis isn't it? Or should that be "parentheses"? Isabelle?)

I seem to have wittered on a fair bit already, and I haven't even started on my thoughts on the forthcoming Primary 7 end of year school dance to which FB may be going. I'll save that for later and just leave you with the observation that this global warming thing is very odd, if what it does is give us snow in May.


  1. Ooh, I'm your first comment.

    It's just one parenthesis, I'd say. But a long one, granted.

    Nice to see you back. We must meet up? but not till after you've stopped coughing, thank you.

  2. We have had such warm and unusual weather this spring, albeit wet! I think the Volcano is wreaking havoc with your weather too!

  3. Welcome back to civilization. I see you didn't go with all the fine suggestions people made about living in your duvets for a while?

  4. One parenthesis (, two parentheses (). At least that's what I was taught. I'm pretty sure that Noah had a pair of parentheses on the ark. They wouldn't have taken up much room, and are probably the ancestors of all the parentheses in use today.

    Sorry. Sleep deprived. I'm sorry you're feeling yucky, and hooray for the return of the sofas. Good luck with Google Reader.

  5. Alright, Here I am Loth, FINALLY !
    This whole week and half of last I have pursued your blog like I had an exam tomorrow.
    Mos of my close circle knows you and the boys :)
    The gym is not working and "its facial hair mum" generated loads of laugh.
    I think you have an excellent way of writing and I loooove it.
    It also gave me an insight that boys will be boys irrespective of country or place :)
    Oh, hope you are sooooo much better now.

    Pls write more and take up running again..
    Your initial writing motivated me to workout more towards weight loss...