Sunday, 9 May 2010


Miscellaneous number one:
Having just spent an obscene amount of money on filling up our car, I commented to the boys in the back seat on how expensive diesel is these days. Without looking up from his Nintendo DS, Second Born observed that diesel was still cheaper than running the car on bull sperm. No, I didn't ask. Scared to, frankly.

Miscellaneous number two:
Another in the series of "Sentences You Never Thought You'd Say" from Husband (he was in the living room with the boys, I overheard as I was lurking in the kitchen): "No, it's not realistic, it's a stuffed monkey firing a gun."

Miscellaneous number three:
Do you have any idea how mind-bendingly annoying it is when your Husband decides to play "Tijuana Taxi" (again, no idea why) and then adds lyrics as if sung by our cats, which go "Crunchy little mouse, it's a crunchy little mouse, it's a crunchy little mouse, and you eat it......for your break-time sna-ha-hack!" If you don't, would you like me to come round to your house and sing it for you? Then you too can have it in your head FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY. (Clue: no, you almost certainly don't)


  1. Thank you for brightening my Monday morning!!! :D

  2. OK. Come to my house and sing it for me. I double dog dare you.

  3. Hmm. Now I can't quite remember how that tune goes and am being driven mad trying to remember. The annoying thing is that once I do.... Thanks for that.

  4. Bull sperm eh? Must remember that in one of my maternal explanations designed to shut them up lol. Your husband sounds like a real darling, such fun. I am glad the song isn't stuck in my head though.

  5. After you sing it to XUP at her place, the two of you can drive out to Carp and you can sing it to XUP and me. I promise to clap enthusiastically. And give you beer.