Tuesday, 11 May 2010

This is the opposite of an update

I don't have anything terribly interesting to say, really. I promised myself I would try to post more often on here and reassured myself that once I had a blank window open, fingers poised over the keyboard, inspiration would strike.

Well, I think we can all agree that hasn't happened. I blame the election myself. I have spent so much time watching no-one actually being elected on television that every last atom of creativity has leached away into the sofa.

Actually talking of the sofa, both of our sofas are going into furniture hospital this weekend for a bit of reconstructive surgery. This is long overdue and I can't wait to have seats that don't make an ominous "boing" noise every time you sit down. I am not however looking forward to a few days of sitting on green plastic garden furniture. I made the mistake of telling the boys we would just have to bring all the duvets downstairs and have a sort of hippy commune set-up on the living room carpet. They didn't appreciate my brand of subtle sarcasm and are now happily looking forward to a weekend of lolling on duvets while eating Frosties and watching Top Gear. Do you think it's better to risk their wrath by telling them I was kidding, or go along with it?

Anyway, as compensation for this rambling brain dump, have a cat photo. Proof of how delicate and ladylike our Zyra is. And how Bellus, the ultimate opportunist, will never pass up the chance of a free pillow.


  1. What a splendid heap of cat.

    (Crunchy little mouse, anyone?)

  2. "a weekend of lolling on duvets while eating Frosties and watching Top Gear."

    That actually sounds good. Though I might substitute something else for Top Gear... Doctor Who, maybe. I keep missing weeks and having to catch up all at once. Though I now have. Venetian vampires woo!

    Isabelle is responsible for singing "We don't eat mousies, we don't eat mousies" repeatedly to the cats, to the tune of Flanders and Swann's "Eating People Is Wrong." So she is not exactly innocent of mouse-related earworms herself.

  3. They are totally adorable. I do not exactly understand what is happening with Englands government right now. Call me confused!

  4. Lolling on duvets watching Top Gear? Sounds like my perfect weekend. Can I come round? I'll bring my own Frosties :)

  5. I vote for the duvets, too. If simple things like this can still get your kids excited, I say go for it. Also, I think your new coalition government is a pretty good idea. I only wish our guys had had the balls to do it when they had the chance last election.

  6. I know of what you speak, though you put it more elegantly than I. "Creativity leaching away into the [boing-ing]sofa," provided a welcome giggle, as did a recent comment you made over at Isabelle's.....