Wednesday, 6 October 2010


There are crocuses flowering in the centre of Edinburgh. Right outside my office. Purple ones. I find their presence unsettling. Are they late for this spring or early for next? Or have I been mistaken all my life in believing that crocus flowers are a sign of spring? I am also slightly worried that they will invoke Murphy's Law and we will have a sudden three foot deep snowfall.


  1. There are some fall blooming croci. So sorry to hear about the cat miseries and hope the boys are doing better, and, of course, that you are.

  2. Naked ladies - autumn flowering crocus without leaves (hence the common name).

  3. Yes, I agree. They're not actually crocuses at all, but they look quite like them and are called autumn crocuses quite commonly.

    There there. You know lots of stuff. Just not so much garden stuff. And you've had a terrible couple of weeks.

    Glad Bellus is recovering. We found Tesco pet insurance to be the cheapest, by the way.