Thursday, 14 October 2010

Well, you learn something new every day

So, whaddaya know, there are autumn flowering crocuses which aren't really crocuses but look like them and are called bare naked wimmin, or something. I must say I am very grateful to my knowledgeable readers for putting me right and also relieved that Mother Nature has not decided to amuse herself by messing with my head for no good reason.

Bellus is now not only on the road to full recovery, but allowed outside again. He is insured now (we weren't going to let him out of our sight again until that was sorted) and he is verging on the delirious at being allowed out to chase stuff and climb our straggly buddleia and hide in the grass (black and white being such a good colour scheme for camouflage in the grass).

We had another good trip down to the cottage last weekend, a trip which included all 6 of us (the Loth Clan plus Sister-in-Law and her other half) scrubbing the summerhouse and then slapping a coat of wood preservative on it. It looks pretty good. We then loaded up the car(s) with bags and bags and bags of garden rubbish for dropping off at the dump and then went for a wander round the local builders' merchant-come-garden centre- come - woodstove merchant


  1. Loving the saga of your cottage - I always loved going to ours because life was so simplified. Especially when we could only get there on snowmobiles with the food and kids on a sleigh.
    But builders'centres are traps - they make renovations and repairs sound so, so easy.
    Glad to hear of cat gladness!

  2. Wonderful to hear that Bellus is back to his old self! We're starting to get the house and garden ready for winter as well.

  3. Somehow, recently, I am beginning to think I would like a house in the country to renovate... probably what I mean is that I would like to do that if I didn't also have to have a job. The last time I did any major home decor, I was unemployed...

    Destructive gardening is sort of satisfying in a masochistic way, though!

  4. Hate to mess with your head, dear Loth, but we went to the Botanics today and in that bit with the open greenhousy things, near the glasshouses, there are genuine crocuses blooming away. And snowdrops. Argh.

    Genetically modified....?

  5. So happy to hear that Bellus is doing so well. That must be reassuring.

    Angus too, has made great strides, and seems to have forgotten entirely that he used to be a vicious feral kitten fending for himself in the cruel outdoor world, and likes to jump into my lap whenever I'm sitting down and present me his tummy to rub.