Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's also hard to type with your fingers crossed

Well, the parental units left for the airport yesterday at about 3pm. (We used a sledge to take their luggage round to the main road to meet the taxi!). Their flight was cancelled shortly after they arrived and they spent a couple of hours arguing about who was supposed to sort out a rebooking and whether they would have to pay for new flights to Sydney. Then they joined the monumental queue for a taxi. In a blizzard.

We couldn't sit in the house knowing they were standing there so we rounded up some neighbours and with spades and judicious use of elbow grease and cardboard sheets, managed to dig our car out and physically push it the 30 yards or so to the main road. Once there we managed to get to the airport to collect them and bring them home.

They are re-booked to fly out tomorrow (Wednesday 1st) at 16.40. A severe weather warning is out predicting another 10cm of snow falling tomorrow. Fingers firmly crossed again.


  1. Alas.

    It's just occurred to me that I was actually off work on yesterday and we could have met up. Only I didn't think.

    I like the way you suggest I might be on holiday and snow immediately closes down the college. Could you do it again tomorrow, please?

  2. Ah, this does not bode well for us here in the States. Seems when you have snow, we do not! I want snow! SO I can ski! Please send it over.
    That is all.

  3. If it's any consolation, the weather's not that good here in Sydney either. We've had three or four rainy days in a row.

  4. Crossing all crossable body parts for you! (I have either had too much or not enough coffee, as the first time I typed out that sentence, it read "Crossing all crossable boy partys for you!")