Monday, 29 November 2010

It's hard to twiddle your thumbs when your fingers are crossed

Well, on the plus side, Edinburgh has never looked lovelier and the two feet of snow means my garden now looks just as good as those of all my neighbours. The boys are delighted because all the schools are closed so they have been out throwing snow around, sledging and burying each other up to the neck in snowdrifts (fortunately we've discovered that we can find the hidden boys by looking for their breath pluming upwards).

On the downside, I kind of feel cheated of my day off for St Andrew's day since I can't actually go anywhere. And worst of all, my parents are supposed to be on the 18.10pm flight to Heathrow this evening to catch their connection to Australia. They are going to spend 5 weeks with my brother. At least, that is the plan.

They sensibly left Livingston early yesterday and came to stay with us in Edinburgh - they were snowed in for about two weeks last winter and didn't want to risk getting stuck again. We live pretty much right on a major road so things have to be very bad indeed if you can't get out of our driveway.

Today, however, the airport is closed, the trains are not really running and the major motorway between Edinburgh and Glasgow is closed as are most of the other major roads in Scotland. Nothing much is moving. We are therefore refreshing the Edinburgh Airport Twitter updates every 5 minutes and keeping our fingers crossed that the runway will open soon. I love my parents but would really rather not have to put them up again tonight!


  1. Oh, we are so jealous here! We have had no measurable snow! We could sure use some!!!

  2. No snow where I currently am visiting in Arizona, either, but when we return to the Northwest next week I expect a rude awakening.

  3. So, what happened ?
    Could they board their flight ?

  4. Keep us posted. We have nothing else much going on.

  5. Having endured similar snow storms last year, I feel your pain.