Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Forgive me for I have......strayed a bit

Right, time to own up.
Things I have eaten in the past fortnight that I shouldn't have (and what's more I hadn't eaten for months!):

1. Chocolate (lots)
2. Scampi
3. Chicken liver pate (bucketload)
4. Crisps (I don't even really like crisps!)
5. Pizza. More than once
6. Chinese takeaway. More than.........three times (!)
7. Chocolate torte, strawberries and cream (heavenly and it was at a wedding so I can be forgiven. But not for the fact that I ate two helpings because my friend doesn't do sweets)
8. Cheese. Oh god, lots of cheese. If it wasn't for cheese, I would be built like Kate Moss. Well, slight exaggeration but cheese is my downfall quite often.

Things I haven't done for the past couple of weeks:
1. Run, really
2. Any other kind of meaningful exercise.

As a result, I am feeling blech and I've put on about half a stone from the lowest weight I had got to. When I fall off the wagon I do it with style and dedication. So, this week, back on the straight and narrow. I know I feel better when I eat sensibly (ie have some of those things listed above but only a little and NOT ALL THE TIME!!) and get out and move my backside a bit.
I have amended my goals to reflect a black tie "do" I have to go to (and find an outfit for) at the beginning of October so I want to shift some of this weight gain by then and of course I have agreed to run the Bupa Great Edinburgh Public Humiliation of Death 2008 next May so I need to start a nice gentle training schedule for that.
Went out for a run yesterday morning - just 20 minutes to ease back in and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn't that good either. So, I hereby promise:

I will run at least three times a week on my own (ie not toddling along with one or other of the boys but proper running. I will still go out with the boys at weekends if they want but it won't count as one of my three).
I will get at least one session of some other form of cardio in per week (more if I can manage it)
I will avoid acting like a black hole and sucking all food within a 50 foot radius into the gravitational pull of my gob. (I will still have one chinese takeaway a week and some cheese though - have to keep my spirits up!)

Right, I have promised now - you (the imaginary person in my head who reads this) have to make me stick to it. Kate Moss watch yer back!

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  1. We all have our moments (or days) of weakness. You'll get back on track. Good luck!