Thursday, 27 September 2007

Failed again..

I am supposed to be running three times a week, trying to gradually increase my distance up toward the magic 10k. Hands up who thinks I am managing to do this at the moment? No-one? Correct. I am just not managing to get out in the mornings, which is the best time for me to run. I blame the dark. And by that I don't mean that I am unwilling to run in the dark (or at least that pre-dawn sort of twilight) - I actually quite like it. No, what I mean is that when the alarm goes off at 6am-ish, the fact that the room is still dark means I don't really wake up properly as husband turns off the alarm. At best, I surface briefly like a breeching whale, register that yes, it is indeed dark, and drift back down into the depths of sleep safe in the erroneous assumption that dark = still nightime, and therefore more sleep.

I then wake up at 6.45 and give myself a hearty slap for falling into the trap again. Sigh. I will have to try some cunning ploys to fool myself (hmmm, beginning to sound like I have multiple personalities now). Maybe set myself a separate alarm over my side of the room before the main alarm goes off. Or buy my husband a sharp pole to prod me with. Go to sleep in my running gear and ask husband to just push me out of bed at 6am? (Probably not the last one: I suspect given my extraordinary level of talent at sleeping that I could probably cover a couple of km without actually waking up first. Not wise when you live on a busy road in a city)

Anyway, the effect has been: no running since last Saturday. In my partial defence, lunchtimes haven't been available and anyway 1 hour isn't really enough time to get to the gym, get changed, get a decent run in, get showered and changed back and return to the office. Evenings have been taken up with the usual stuff. Having said that, last night husband and I and both offspring went out for a walk for 40 minutes or so and I could, technically, have gone for a run then instead but I didn't want to miss the walk so, meh.

Glad I went on the walk though - it was up to the nice park near our house - a pleasant walk up there along a private country-ish lane and then while the kids play in the climbing-frame bit, husband and I walk round the perimeter of the larger playing fields. Every time we pass the climbing frame, the boys come scrambling over and invite us to their invisible restaurant/bar. We have to go over and order food and drink (invisible) which they then serve and charge us for. Last night I got nachos for 99p and husband got a seafood platter ("It's got prawns and lobster and scallops and....and......and..........caviar!") with 2 pints of whisky (!) for £2.50. That's cheap even for invisible money.

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  1. That's bargainous! I know where I'm spending my next Friday night. Pints of whisky. Awesome.