Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Well, he's off

This past weekend was a long weekend for us up in sunny Edinburgh. Which meant that I could have been spending my time reading and relaxing, or maybe doing some recreational shopping, or perhaps some nice outings with the family. But no. I spent the weekend welly hunting. First Born was due to go to camp this morning and I had eventually managed to get just about everything on the kit list organised, except for wellies. Who knew it was so hard to get wellies to fit a 9 year old boy? Plenty of little kids' wellies, plenty of adult wellies. Plenty of high heeled pink wellies with feathery trim (and oh how I wish I was joking about that) but none in a size 3 suitable for a boy.

Eventually in desparation yesterday, I spent the morning phoning around every place I could think of and making them look to see if they had the elusive items in stock. A pair was at long last located in one of those warehouse-type shoe shops and I set off in the pouring rain to get them, having been assured they had "loads". They in fact had precisely one pair but I did get them! (And a couple of pairs of shoes that were looking at me. I think I may be turning into a girl).

So that pretty much did for Sunday. Monday was spent packing the bag, hunting for the gloves that I know First Born has (I remember sewing the name tapes in), discovering that said gloves have been lost during some dressing up game outside and locating a scuzzy old pair of woolly gloves instead, sewing new name labels into those and muttering. A lot of muttering.

This morning I drove the kids to school, sent Second Born off to his class and went hunting for....well, wherever I was supposed to take First Born and his bag. Turns out FB was given full details on the arrangements for today on Friday but had either forgotten them or hadn't been listening in the first place. So we didn't know which of the 3 possible buses he was supposed to be on. We ended up just picking one on the basis that his bag will get there regardless and his teacher will (hopefully) make sure he does too! Whilst I was sorting this out, FB wandered off into his classroom so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and wish him luck etc. I suppose this confirms that he was quite relaxed about the whole going-away-from-home thing but the mum in me wanted to send him off with a hug. Oh well.

He doesn't get back till Friday afternoon so we now have a week of pretending to be a one child family. And since FB is allergic to milk in all its forms but SB isn't, we're tempted to go out for pizza. Just because we can!


  1. Huh. Bizarre. Given the amount of water we get in this city on a regular basis, I would have thought that wellies would be easier to find...

  2. Goodness, I visited your blog because of your commnent on my magnetic-cats post, and found with interest that you're in Edinburgh. And don't you write well! I've been chuckling away as I try to work out from your descriptions where you live.

    Most of my normal blog pals live in New Zealand or Florida or wherever. And now - intriguingly - Hannah looks like another Edinburgh person.

    Hope little chap gets on ok at camp and changes his socks from time to time.