Monday, 24 December 2007

Belt and braces

Well, despite all the eye rolling and "We're too old for that now!" and "Santa doesn't exist!" stuff, the boys have gone off to bed and our coffee table bears its traditional offering of a carrot, a chocolate chip cookie and a glass of single malt (Santa knows what he likes!). I suspect it may be just a fondness for the ritual that caused them to want to leave the goodies out for Santa, although there may also be an element of covering all the bases. No point in upsetting the big guy in the red suit if it turns out he was in charge of the presents all along!

Rather irritatingly, it appears that my husband has nominated himself to dispose of the whisky and the chocolate cookie, leaving me with the job of impersonating Rudolph. Well, at least it's healthy. Off now to haul bags of goodies down the stairs hopefully without disturbing the offspring. I hope all my readers (all 3 of you) have a spectacular and peaceful Christmas.


  1. Hope you and yours have a great day! :)

  2. Off now to haul bags of goodies down the stairs hopefully without disturbing the offspring.
    It's getting close to the end of Christmas day here...and I can report that I did have a problem with sneaking the goodies to their designated place. I got up at ~03:30 (as is my habit, for any day of the year) and expected to be undisturbed while I carried the gifts through the house. However, the light was on in my 16-year-old's room and he was watching his ipod's video and listening to the music. "I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep", he said. Which goes to prove that even 16 year old boys still get excited about the prospect of christmas gifts.

    Some hours later, as we were getting ready for lunch, my demented 85 year old aunt phoned to say that she'd decided to come over in a taxi and have lunch at our place. "Whoopee", I said. (I'll tell you about her whisky-drinking ability some other time, but suffice to say that I was glad we bought a new bottle of Johnny Walker the day before)

    I hope your day went better than mine!

  3. Merry Christmas. I bet you have more than 3 readers, as I have been reading for several weeks, but do not make a habit of commenting on blogs normally. But I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading yours, and so you have at least 4 readers!! Hope your Christmas was great. Ours is just now ending, and I'm off to bed. Hopefully tomorrow I can sleep later than I was allowed to today - and I'm betting all 4 of my teenagers will not be up as early tomorrow either! Merry, merry.

  4. I'm very impressed at anyone who is organised enough to blog on Christmas Eve! Hope you all had a good day.

  5. The boys picked out specific cookies to leave for Santa, and I had to eat them because I know the boys would have seen them in the trash had I not. Normally I would not complain about having to eat a cookie but my body was rejecting the food I had already eaten that day. I should have given them to the dog. Why didn't I think of that?