Sunday, 2 December 2007


A very housebound weekend we have had (gone all Yoda there for some reason). We had planned to go swimming with the boys and my ex-brother-in-law (husband is allergic to chlorine and is therefore excused such outings. Just the sound of a swimming pool brings him out in a rash) but we cancelled that as First Born has picked up a belter of a cough/cold thing and I decided it was not fair on the citizens of Edinburgh to let him loose in a pool, exuding unpleasant secretions as he is.

We had expected absolutely awful weather from every weather forecast we had seen: reports of gale force winds, rain, plagues of frogs etc. None of which actually arrived. We had a standard early December weekend. Cool, overcast, a bit dreich. I think we would be as well to go back to the traditional "bit of seaweed outside the window" method of weather forecasting.

So we have been indoors for pretty much the whole weekend. With First Born snorting and coughing and gurgling on the couch. Can anyone tell me how you train a 9 year old boy to blow his nose on a tissue rather than, say, to snort loudly and then wipe his nose with his hand/sleeve? I should be grateful I suppose, that we are past the stage when he was using my sleeve or whatever part of me happened to be handy, or indeed just appearing with......"stuff" on the end of his finger to be dealt with. The joys of toddler parenthood: drive-by snottings.


  1. Excuse me, less of the comparing me to your mum, please! I know you're practically a child, but unless your mum had you as a teenager... well, as a young person... I'm surely not quite as old as the granny of a nine-year-old? Or if I am, why am I not a granny AT ALL???

    Hope the snuffles improve.

  2. Had you left the house, the bad weather would surely have come. And, we talk like Yoda all the time. You should see my boys do the Yoda walk. Hope First Born is feeling better. By the time he is, the rest of you will be sick.

  3. Either you cannot train men not to snort, or I didn't catch my husband's snorting tendencies young enough.

    He doesn't use his sleeve, I hasten to add. Though I think cloth hankies, which are what he does use, are nearly as bad. I blame the parents.