Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Just been for a quick lunchtime visit to the new gym and it went pretty well. On closer inspection, the changing rooms were even more utilitarian than I remembered (think painted breeze block walls, reminiscent of primary school) but they were spotlessly clean and EMPTY. I could have danced around naked to my heart's content without frightening anyone. You know, if I'd wanted to.

I just wanted a quick run so I set the treadmill for 30 minutes, 1% incline and 8kph and off I went. I ran for 30 minutes and then cooled down for 5. Covered 4 and a bit km. BUT! I should get extra credit because on the TV screen for most of that run was Cliff Richard on Loose Women. I know I couldn't hear him but I could see him and he was trying to dance (like he did on SCD on Sunday night) and at one point they had his calendar out and were showing a picture of him pretending to shave and wearing nothing but a towel. Frankly I deserve a medal for not gagging and falling off the treadmill at that point. Someone needs to take Sir Cliff off to one side and tell him that (a) he is too old for leather trousers. By about 50 years. And (b) he is just...icky and should stop. Just stop.*

*Sorry to any Cliff fans reading.**

** Except not really. What are you thinking?????


  1. Well done you. I have a colleague -an otherwise intelligent woman with a degree and everything - who's a mad Cliff fan. She goes to all his concerts and I mean all - several nights running.

    You have lunch times? This is such a strange concept to me. My lunch times, when I have them at all, are spent frantically doing things for the next class or answering emails or talking to people on the phone. And sometimes, eg today, I have one class from 11.15-1.15 and the next one from 1.15-3.15. Maybe this is illegal? (she said hopefully).

    Happy Thursday!

    (By the way, my daughter K and I wonder if you would feel up to meeting us for coffee or something over the holiday period? Or would this be weird?)

  2. precarious tomato13 December 2007 at 05:30

    Wow. I am impressed. I do not even like to SHOWER naked in my gym, let alone dance. Although at this point, I'd probably get arrested for reckless conduct if I tried anything like that.

    (Oh, and yes, I am familiar with the British definition of "fanny"... and I can assure you the cat was cheeky, but not that cheeky. I mean, it wasn't, like, a truck driver or anything.)


  3. Urgh. Cliff. Leather trousers. The mind boggles.

  4. Dancing around naked would have been a good warm up for your workout - maybe even all the workout you needed.