Tuesday, 11 December 2007

It's a worry

Just had a conversation with Second Born. I was in the kitchen, preparing some of the mountain of fruit this family gets through in a week when he appeared and demanded a hug. I dutifully got down on my knees (having wiped the pineapple off my hands) and gave the requested cuddle. Second Born then pulled back and looked at me with a very serious face.

"I am concerned" he said.


"Yes. Concerned"

"Oh dear, what are you concerned about?" (Thinks: He looks really serious. What could it be? Fallen out with friend? Broken something and wants to own up? Bullied at school? WHAT?!!!)

"Yes. My friend on Club Penguin* has two bamboo sofas in his igloo with a rug in between them and they look really nice and I can't figure out how to get them like that in my igloo. Mine just don't look right."

Interior design. It's a worry.

* Club Penguin, for those without children, is a social networking-type site for children where their characters are penguins and they have their own igloos which they can furnish how they like, purchasing stuff from a catalogue using the coins they earn working in the Pizza restaurant or playing games. Glad you asked now, aren't you?


  1. Ahhh, Club Penguin. We could have lived our entire lives without Club Penguin, but the neighbor girls were over talking about it non-stop. We immediately had to sign up so Jack could "meet" them. I said, "Weren't they just here and you were just playing with them?" Apparently, in person play wasn't cutting it.

  2. Heather, my two have been known to sit three feet apart, each on a different laptop, meeting each other at the beach on Club Penguin. (Mind you, since husband and I have been known to IM each other across the living room, I can hardly criticise can I!)

  3. It's another world - I had never heard of Club Penguin. Another funny post.