Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Back to normal

Remember Second Born? That perfect child who is so kind and quiet and thoughtful and helpful at school according to his report? Who obeys instructions happily and diligently? The one who patiently waited for us to finish discussing his older brother's report and then was just delightful when we discussed his with him? Yeh, him. That same paragon of virtue was standing on the stairs this morning when his brother gently (and totally accidentally) bumped into him. Cue rolling on the stairs, wailing and clutching his "injured" arm (his brother bumped his leg) followed by kicking said brother and nearly tripping him and sending him headfirst down the stairs.

3 rules broken in about 2 seconds flat-

(1) do not deliberately attempt to wind up your brother or get him into trouble for SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO,
(2) kicking is not allowed EVER and
(3) horseplay or fighting of any kind is not allowed on the stairs because I do not want to have to drive to the hospital or pick bits of you off the carpet. The carpet is horrible enough without a layer of injured boy on it.

A new house record, if I am not mistaken. Does deciding to take away the reward you were thinking of giving for a good report but have not actually given yet count as a punishment?


  1. Yeah, you can make him suffer witht hat one. "Oh I was all setto give you...but now I can't"! He will die!

  2. Sounds like a really good excuse to withdraw reward. Hurts your heart to do it though. Been there and done that.

  3. ooooh, that will hurt. Taking it away before its given, that will be remembered. I've had to do the same with my oldest (5 yr old) and he is torturously sad when it happens. Oh the drama. ;o)

    Glad you didn't have any broken children to pick out of the carpet!