Friday, 14 March 2008

I could have a fight in an empty room, it would appear

I had one of those arguments with myself this morning. At 6am, the alarm went off, interrupting the dream I was having about going out to a nightclub (why I was dreaming about that, I have no idea. I have not been in a nightclub since the days when they were called discos and dancing around your handbag was not done ironically.) I did not go running yesterday when I should have, so I really needed to go today, but at 6am the evil, lazy side of my brain decided to do battle with the (much smaller) good and virtuous side.

Good: You really should get up and run, you know

Bad: Schnurffle. Bed. Warm. Good. Sle-e-e-ep.........

Good: Seriously, it sounds like it might be nice outside - can't hear any wheelie bins being playfully tossed around by the wind. That might even be sunlight starting to glow through the (odd, brown, patterned, came with the house) curtains...

Bad: But.....warm......cosy......I can go out tomorrow instead.......*snore*...........

Good: Oh for pete's sake, you ate 3 mini doughnuts yesterday and justified them by saying you would run them off tomorrow NOW GET OUT OF BED!

Bad: FINE! But I'm not opening my eyes until I'm dressed. (*mutter, moan, for a Good side you're a real pain in the bum* grumble)

And so with a spring in my step and a song in my heart I went out for a run and it was in fact really nice, as it always is when I don't give in to the Dark Side and stay in bed listening to the news. I won't bore you with the statistics - I have added a little counter way down there on the sidebar to track my progress with the running stuff. 24.5 km over the last 7 days.

In other news, my colleague at work has just informed me that tickets for Leonard Cohen at the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade are about to go on sale. Now I do like a bit of Leonard Cohen but I wonder whether it is wise to hold his gig right on top of a large cliff. You generally have to be feeling pretty darn cheerful to listen to Leonard. If you start out a wee bit fed up, after a couple of tracks you are verging on the morose. An album's worth and well, louping off the top of the Castle Rock might start to seem like a good idea.


  1. I feel I ought to inform you that you are an angel. In my entire 22 years of life I probably haven't run 24.5 km (if you take out that awful cross country running that was forced upon me at school). Well done you!

    Also; Leonard Cohen!!!!! I love good old Leonard, although gosh, you're right, silly place to hold a Leonard Cohen concert when his stuff is so ... depressing. God I really want to go to that concert, thanks for the heads up!!

  2. I like the way your evil side expresses its feelings about getting out of bed! I feel exactly like that most mornings - sadly, I don't get up early to run. I do cycle to work, but that's not quite as virtuous.

  3. I am extremely impressed. I shall think of you as I turn over in bed tomorrow morning.