Monday, 31 March 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoon..........

...........preceded by lazy Sunday morning, all day Saturday and much of Friday. My brass neck is such that I can post about the joys of running and then not do any exercise to speak of all weekend! I am a fraud. The children came home to roost on Friday bearing more coloured plastic from the Pound Shop (I hate that place even though I have never actually been in it).

First Born was delighted because a rare Doctor Who book he had found online had arrived and he had more or less glued it to his hand - it was never out of his sight all day. He even took it with him to the hairdresser where he no doubt regaled the stylists with explanations of why it was so cool the Sontarans are coming back because he has always loved the Sontarans and would they like to hear a blow-by-blow account of the plot of "The Time Warrior"? He was in fact so pleased with it that he insisted on e-mailing the seller to thank them for sending it in such good condition (it was an Amazon marketplace seller) and to tell them how wonderful it is. To their credit, the company (shout out for Greener Books!) e-mailed back almost immediately thanking FB for his lovely e-mail and confirming that the review was so enthusiastic that the sender was going to buy one for his own 10 year old son! It's so nice when people take the time to do stuff like that - makes it far more likely we will buy from them again, too.

Later on Friday evening we had a video call with Husband from his Prague hotel room, as he had remembered to take the webcam with him. It is really good fun to be able to do that and speak to and see him when he is away. Surprisingly, the webcams survived the toxic face-pulling that went on (whenever three boys are gathered together, there will be face-pulling. Especially if you have a camera to do it into).

Saturday I couldn't go out for a run because I had both boys with me and we can't all run together and I can't leave one or - God forbid! - both of them alone in the house and unsupervised. So we slobbed around, ate porridge and then went off to the airport to pick up Husband. He arrived with his suitcase completely encased in about 300 yards of clingfilm. Husband had been given a Czech Arbitration Court umbrella as a wee gift and this was an attempt to get it home, half sticking out of his case. The clingfilm survived, the umbrella did not - its handle was completely snapped in transit. Still, the clingfilmed case turned some heads in the arrivals hall.

Saturday was therefore spent relaxing, catching up and Second Born challenging his Dad to Wii tennis (Second Born reached pro status on Friday necessitating an immediate text announcement to Dad who was in a cocktail reception at the time). We then watched Harry Hill's TV Burp together. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best half hour of television of the week. We all watch it together and we all howl with laughter. If you have never seen it, shame on you. Start watching now. (American and Canadian readers are excused - I doubt it would translate well)

Sunday I could have gone running but the clocks went forward so I had even less time than normal to dash to Sainsbury's to get the shopping in before taking First Born to karate. And yes, I am a member of the gym in the centre where he does karate. No, I did not run or lift weights while he karate-d. I sat on the floor and read a book, thanks for asking. Even the nearby example of the Cross Country Championships in Holyrood park could not shame m....I mean motivate me into running. I will however go out sometime today, promise. The sun is shining so I may go at lunchtime. Or after work. Maybe.


  1. Well, you know, sometimes we just need a break. A calm, quiet relaxing weekend, so we can face the week in a better frame of mind. Glad you could enjoy it! Hope the time change doesn't make you tired like it did me. We changed over in the US earlier, and I really wish they would just leave it alone. I don't think I'm alone in my opinion either, but it doesn't seem to matter much.

    Hope you get to run today!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly fine weekend to me, and plenty of good reasons not to exercise.

  3. It was indeed a lovely day and I am exhausted after some hours in the garden, which was more or less untouched since last October. Parts of it now look lovely and parts of me will probably never be the same again.

    Did you go for that lunchtime run, I wonder?

  4. Wish I could get a little rest, but Greta is making me crazy.
    Your weekend sounds lovely!

  5. "Kids these days" are still into Doctor Who? Bless! I remember seeing episodes from the late 70s in the early 80s vis the Canadian channel. Good times!

  6. Glad you enjoyed resting your muscles ;-) Sounds a pretty idyllic weekend actually, and your kids sound cool!

  7. How old is First born? My Firstborn (7) is being educated in the 'art of Dr. Who' by my Husband. Secondborn and I are being educated by contamination! I was wondering if there is a timescale here, or if we have to get used to the idea!