Wednesday, 2 April 2008

It's a man thing

I was totally, honestly, genuinely gestating this post and then Heather blogged about it and linked to another blog on the same topic and now I am going to look like I am so desparate for material that I pinch topics from other bloggers. Which I would never do. Well, not that often. Unless it was a really good one. Anyway, the topic under discussion is: people of the male gender and their inability to find anything unless it is actually lodged in the vicinity of their nasal cavity.

Living with three boys (I discount the cat who, although female, is no use when it comes to shopping, baking or finding stuff) I am constantly hailed with "I can't find my [insert crucial item which must be found NOW here]!" The conversation nearly always proceeds thus (usually with the kids. Husband has wised up) -

Me: It's on your dresser/in your wardrobe/in the drawer/ hanging up in the cupboard

Boy: No it's not, I've looked.

Me: Have you looked properly?

Boy: Yes, and it's really not there!

Me: If I come up there and find it where I said it was, can I hit you with it?

Boy: ( )

Me: ?

Boy: Found it!!

First Born couldn't find his garter once (the little elastic band type thing that keeps his school sock up). After much wailing that it was LOST and WOULD NEVER BE FOUND, I went up and found it lying on his bed. Beside the rest of his uniform. Where I said it would be. Hitting him with a small piece of elastic would have been no fun so I chased him round the house and pinged him with it. Very satisfying.

PS: I don't think I like this template/colour scheme after all. Might have to change again. What do you think?


  1. Oh I totally think it is a guy thing! I like the template. Looks nice!

  2. It's universal. No male on the planet can find anything. And since you asked, my favorite colors are blue and green, but to be honest, this doesn't rock my world. ;)

  3. Hahaha! This is SO true! Why can't men ever find things even when we point out exactly where said thing is?! we don't even hint, we say 'it's in the top drawer / on the countertop / on your bed' and they 'go and look' and still can't see it! It's ridiculous!

  4. I am sooo glad it isn't just my man who appears to be blind most of the time. Doesn't make it any less irritating though!

  5. Can I hit you with it! Ohhh, that's much better than my "will you bet me?" extortion of his pocket money. I'm stealing that...

  6. Oh I LOVE the idea of hitting them with it!!!

    Hubs is fantastic at finding things. I'm always losing them. Jake can never find anything unless it's strapped to his forehead, and even then it's questionable.

    Yesterday my response was, "if I find it I'm eating your Turkish Delight" (easter candy)...he found it in 2 seconds flat.

  7. I must protest that this is not simply confined to the less fair of the species. My girls are a nightmare for finding things, especially school shoes, which are invariably under the stairs. It could of course be a ploy to just buy more shoes.

    Scattered Mom... That is the worst threat ever. I'd have to file a lawsuit of some sort were my turkish delight under threat, they are by far my favourite...