Monday, 21 April 2008

You there, at the back!

I got my race number for the Great Edinburgh Run at the weekend. I am in pink section B. For the uninitiated, when you register for a run like this, they ask you to estimate how fast you are going to run the course. Then they can allocate people into groups of similar ability so that the course doesn't get too congested with faster runners trying to get through from the back past lardy and inexperienced slowcoaches like me. Sensible, yes?

Trouble is, I registered months and months and months ago and had never run more than 5k at that point and had no idea how fast I could do 10k, or indeed if I could do 10k at all. So I played safe and plumped for the longest estimate (God forbid I should be too optimistic about my abilities). I am therefore in the last possible wave to go - the race starts off at 10.20am and my group does not go until 10.48!! I think I may be in the group of people intending to walk the course and stop for a cup of tea and a bun halfway round. However, I am being positive - I should now have a good chance of being able to overtake SOMEONE, no?

Joking apart, I am really looking forward to the race. Even if my baby brother did tell me over the weekend that he went outdoors (rather than on the treadmill) for the first time at the weekend and did 5.6 miles in 53 minutes. It takes me an hour and 14 minutes to do about that distance. Sigh.

I am also toying with the idea of putting a sign on my t-shirt for the race. People often put their names on their shirts so people can shout encouragement. The back of my Children 1st t-shirt is currently blank, and I am tempted to put something on there. At the moment, I am leaning towards a sign that says "Hi, I'm Loth. Don't worry - I always turn this colour!" Any other suggestions gratefully received.


  1. Teehee! That's funny!

    Well I think you'll definitely be overtaking a good few people as the people in the last wave do tend to be the ones planning on walking it, so Yay for you!!

    Go Loth, go Loth, go Loth!!!!

  2. Hey it's a good tactic, make yourself look good!

    As for what to put on your T shirt, how about the name of the hospital you'd prefer to be taken to, or your living will. I may just have "Help!" on mine!

  3. I love the T-Shirt idea. Go,go, go!

  4. I reckon the tea and bun sounds like a good idea to me! The weather forecast doesn't look too good.

  5. One of the reasons (of which there are many) I LOVE reading your blog: the way you write and the phrases you use.

    Something I would never hear someone stateside, but I love: "...stop for a cup of tea and a bun halfway round".

    What the heck is a bun??

    Just sharing my delight -- not meaning to patronize or anything. :P