Thursday, 3 April 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining

I have just discovered an unexpected benefit of middle age and its attendant memory loss. I always have a stack (or two, or three) of books around the house waiting to be read. Earlier this week I picked the top book off the nearest stack and started reading. I am now halfway through this book and it has gradually dawned on me that this is not a new book and I have actually read it before. Middle age has, however, ensured that I cannot for the life of me remember how it ends. So, two books for the price of one. Effectively. At this rate, give me another 10 years and I will be satisfied with reading and re-reading the same Jeffrey Archer novel ad infinitum.*

* No, I won't and my husband knows if this ever happens, it is time to call in the men in white coats.


  1. I've been doing that a lot in the library lately....I prefer to think of it as 'my subconscious REALLY enjoyed this'

  2. Oh ... This didn't affect you till "middle age"? *gulp* I've been like this for well over a decade, if not more.

    The only two Jeffrey Archer books I liked were Kane & Abel and The President's Daughter, which I first read when I was about 15. I'm 38 now and I must have re-read them probably about every 4 years or so. I confess, I do like those two stories! I loathe Jeffrey Archer though and am glad to say I bought those books in a charity shop.maqtn

  3. That's a great cup-is-half-full attitude. Think of all the money you will save on books. You can use that money to fill your cup half full with really expensive wine.

  4. I had exactly the same experience with re-reading a book recently. My positive spin on this essentially worrying experience was that it demonstrated that the book had quite a complexity, so that re-reading meant that I really did discover new things that hadn't jumped out at me first time through.

  5. Popped over from the URL that you posted on Dad Gone Mad- I figured I'd go with the spirit of things and read some of the blogs mentioned. So I thought it best to start with the only other Scot I could find in the list. (I'm in Aberdeenshire).

    As for reading...well I've finally succumbed to reading the Harry Potters, being the last person in the world to do so. problem is that when you reads them all back to back with no break in between you go a bit mad, imagining you can cast spells and then being a little disappointed when they don't work...

  6. I haven't reached that stage yet (although I'm already good at forgetting people's names and what on earth I came into the kitchen to do) but I only let myself buy books I intend to reread many times, so it won't matter if I do.

    I feel for First Born's need to burble enthusiastically about his Doctor Who book. I have frequently done the same about whatever science fiction I'm reading, although these days I manage to limit it to my family (none of whom are SF fans, but who will listen kindly).

    The Sontarans do look pretty cool.

  7. I've only read one JA and will not be reading any more.

    I do that rereading thing all the time - well, from time to time. Welcome to middle age...

    And no, I don't think we feel morally obliged to buy that lady's house, though it's an idea. Maybe I should consult my friends....