Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ha! I win!

I have been getting increasingly twitchy this week, wanting to run. I managed that little run on the treadmill at the weekend and my foot felt really good afterwards. I also had a call with my little brother about plans for the race in which we discussed the route and which bits we really weren't looking forward to. It made me realise that the race is only about a fortnight or so away and I really really really want to be ready for it.

However, Husband is away on business this week so I can't go out for long periods because the boys, if left alone, may blow up the house or irritate each other to death, or possibly smother the cat with affection and teatowels (cat dress-up. Don't ask). He left early on Tuesday morning and is not back until Thursday but we are due to be out on Thursday evening* so I can't run then and was not happy about the prospect of not running until Friday morning at the earliest. The lovely weather we have been having in the evenings has not helped my mood.

When I came home tonight, the sun was shining and I really, really wanted to go for a run. So I cunningly suggested a visit to the local park with the boys (and a spare one who was lying around in our living room eating our cookies) and they fell for it! I put some running gear on and while they charged up to the park in a whirring blur of boy (think Tasmanian Devil in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons) I gently jogged after them. They hit the park and I ran on a bit further down the lane before doubling back (this run is called "Schtumpenback" because it involves running to a big dead tree stump. And back.) and running a couple of laps round the outside of the football field.

It wasn't really a run, more a few short jogs interspersed with interruptions (FB rugby tackling me in order to present me with a daffodil which he had picked for me, and me thanking him for the gesture but asking him not to nick the daffodils) It only lasted for about 45 minutes and a lot of that wasn't actual running as such, but at least I got out of doors and had a wee bit of exercise. In the sunshine! Remember sunshine?

Oh, and foot feeling fine, so fingers crossed.

And I am thinking of volunteering to marshal at the Edinburgh Marathon, since I am unlikely ever to become involved in a marathon in any other capacity and a number of my "virtual" running friends are participating and it would be nice to be able to wave at them like a loon in an official capacity.

* We are going to watch Focus in concert in Glasgow. Ageing, overweight, yodelling Dutch 70s prog-rockers. Can't wait


  1. I have seriously got to start doing some form of exercise. But I have always felt that mandatory exercise is a 4 letter word! It's not laziness, mind you, but my real adversity to sweat. I hate to sweat. Ah well, have to get over that!

  2. Your run sounds fun! I'm thinking if running could be fun I'd be more likely to do it. So I've just done a little mapping and found that from my front door, round the perimeter of the park and back, twice, is exactly 5k - spookily the exact distance of my upcoming Race for Life. That might be nicer, on dry days, than the treadmill!

    If you marshal at Edinburgh you can wave at my crazed brother who is running there too!

  3. You should have a good time if you marshal the run. Sounds like a great way to be involved if you aren't running.

    I viewed the clip of Focus. I can't believe I like that stuff. But I do. ;) Of course I was a very young lass when they were popular.

  4. You are funny. I love the way you write.

  5. Oh my god... FOCUS were in concert!? Gareth would have KILLED to see that... he will be so jealous :)

    Schtumpenback! Love it :)

  6. Glad your foot is feeling better. I will keep my fingers crossed. Enjoy your night out.