Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Now what?

Thank you all so much for your lovely and encouraging comments after my run. Brought a tear to this old middle-aged lady's eye. I don't have access to the race photos yet (not sure I want to) but here's a wee photo of me before the race. The other lady is a fellow blogger. She goes by the name of "Tinabee" on the running website I use and we were able to meet for a short chat prior to the race. She is a proper runner - she can do a 10k in under an hour, is planning a half marathon and (clincher) owns a Garmin. I cooed over the Garmin just a little. Look at that grin (me, not her). That, my friends, is barely concealed panic. Oh, and that's the queue for one set of the portaloos behind us. Not only did I not want to wait in such a queue, I was pretty sure I wouldn't want to use the portaloo after that queue anyway.

Now I have finished the whole GER thing, I feel a bit rootless - like I need something to give me some structure. The 10k was such a big deal for me, something I was genuinely not certain I could actually do, so I spent a lot of time preparing a plan, training and mentally calculating whether I was going to be ready in time. I was always, to some extent, thinking about when I would next run and where and for how long. I still want to run now but am not sure in what way. Without a race to aim for, I am not even sure how often or how far I should run. Daft really. Just go out the door and run till you feel like stopping, you dimbo. Except without a spur, that would probably result in lots of really short and rather pathetic runs. Hmmmm. May have to sign up for another race. SB is already discussing the running programme for the coming months (he wants more medals) so maybe we should put our heads together and come up with a plan.

Non-running post coming soon, promise.


  1. I am WAY behind on blog reading, but wanted to pop over quickly and say congrats!!! Of COURSE you were able to do set your mind to it!!!

    I'm feeling inspired -- Thanks for that!

  2. I did two 10 K's before I blew out my hip. Now I cannot run. But must do something to get this old body moving again!
    You look great!

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  4. Suggestion from fellow runner who also loses inspiration: try cross-training for a bit before jumping back into running all the time. Do some workouts on the elliptical machine, try strength training, go for strenuous, long hikes up mountains, try kayaking, hop on a bike... This keeps me interested in other things and helps me to not get totally burned out on running. Who knows then, maybe you'll enter a bike race next!

  5. Hi! Just an interloper creeping from another blog....

    I've been a (bad) jogger on and off for years, ran a half-marathon (stumbled, lost 3 toenails, etc.)

    Good show for the race! You're my inspiration to re-start.

    (I'm in St. Louis, by way of Orlando, by way of Kentucky, soon to live in Charlotte, North Carolina......)

  6. Oh, man, I can totally relate to that need of having a goal (not the whole running thing). Congrats again!
    Are there no more races coming up? My parents are runners, and race at least once a month.
    You'll find a new goal. And when you do, let me know. I may want to borrow it.