Monday, 12 May 2008

Random thoughts

Oh, I seem to have gone all quiet for a wee while there. Sorry. Aftermath of the 10k and the ongoing lumpy-throatedness have made me a bit wabbit, and this tends to mean plenty of blog reading but not much blog production. It also means that this little post will be less of a carefully created literary gem and more of a random outpouring of thoughts that have occurred to me. (No difference there then, I hear you cry.) Off we go.

SB is going to be playing Pinocchio in his year group production next month. He is, as always, very laid back about this and his main concern seems to be to ensure that no-one thinks he actually put himself forward for this: "I didn't ask, they just told me" he tells everyone. Husband and I on the other hand are steeling ourselves for an emotional rollercoaster. I teared up when he played a minor part in Dick Whittington last year (a very cute rat). I may make a complete fool of myself this time. In fact, I doubt the word "may" comes into it. Sniffling in the front row is a racing certainty, I suspect.

What else...oh yes, I got confirmation that I am indeed marshalling at the Edinburgh Marathon this year. I have been assigned to the "Finish Funnel Crew" which sounds to me like a really duff Scandinavain rap outfit, but in fact involves thrusting water, bananas and medals at the brave souls who stagger over the line in Musselburgh. I'm really looking forward to it as I am hoping to meet up with some "virtual" friends from the running website and also, this is the closest I will ever get to a marathon. I can share in the jubilation without that pesky 26+ miles to run first.

I could also witter on a bit about last week's Apprentice, but if I do that, this post will turn into an epic saga so suffice to say : loss of both Jennys = excellent. I bet Lucinda was dancing round the bedroom when she heard. Also, why does everyone find Lee so charming? He seems to me to be a loud, arrogant, not-particularly- competent eejit. AND he was the one who was leading that dreadful display of bullying Sara after the greeting card task - not nice. It was however nice to see Raef step in and try to stop it - he is really growing on me. Can't wait to see him managing a task.

Finally, if you like words, go over and read this post at Chalk Dust Makes Me Sneeze. Made me giggle like a loon. I wish I was half as clever and witty as the people who came up with those.


  1. Oh Loth, I am so very much your "Apprentice" twin! I punched the air in jubilation when Jenny #1 got fired, and Jenny #2 was just a bonus! And yes I find Lee insufferable. And I'm loving Raef.

  2. Finish Funnel Crew is a very funny title!!! As someone who really doesn't enjoy running, handing out bananas and medals sounds like my kind of participation in a marathon.

    Although I've always said that were I ever to run a marathon, it would be the Marine Corps Marathon here in the US. Because everyone has a big hunky Marine waiting for them at the finish line to help them stagger out of the way of the other runners, to give them a medal and offer general moral support. Talk about motivation to get to the end!!

  3. Woohoo yer back :)

    How do they handle the nasal special effects with Pinocchio? :)