Saturday, 3 May 2008

One down, one to go

SB ran in the Great Edinburgh Run Mini race today. The run was for 3-8 year olds so lots of really cute kids running with their mums and dads. SB of course having none of that, marched off into the start pen by himself. Couldn't see him start off and really only caught sight of him as he approached the finish line, giving it his all as ever. We did get some photos but I haven't downloaded them from the camera yet.

He ran the course (1.4km) in just under 8 minutes which is a darn sight faster than I could do it. And he didn't even break sweat. Seriously, I checked. I felt his forehead while he was devouring the contents of the goody bag and it was completely dry (irritated cries of "Get OFF Mum!" of course.) Could not be more proud of him. FB performed as video cameraman and got a short but good clip of SB in action, so he was pleased with himself too (had to give him a role so as not to have the whole day focus on SB. I tell you, a career in the Diplomatic Service awaits)

Now I am watching Dr Who, about to go and make a big pan of lemon and rocket risotto in the hope it will quell the butterflies which have been intermittently fluttering around my insides in their size 10 Doc Martens since this afternoon. I saw all the preparations for the 10k run and the road we will start on and, because I live here in Edinburgh, in my mind's eye I could clearly see all the roads in the whole route and I started to doubt whether I could run that far. To be honest, I started to doubt I could run to the end of The Meadows. Lots of svelte, athletic, competent-looking mums wandering about in running tights chatting to their kids didn't help.

But I know I should be able to do this. I have at least been doing some training, I have run/walked the distance before, I don't care if I have to walk chunks of it tomorrow, I just want to finish it. Bet I run the damn thing about ten times over in my sleep tonight!


  1. It's that season again isn't it? I've noticed particularly because my dog is getting tangled up in wheezing ladies with lycra every time we go out.

    Runners on the streets have multiplied and I better get my shoes on and join them sharpish. I need to stop using my hockey groin (also known as the "sprained enthusiasm") injury as an excuse, put down the Chardonnay and get on with it.


  2. We will all be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow. GOOD LUCK LOTH!!!!

  3. Well done SB!!

    And thinking of you tomorrow Loth - run girl, run!

  4. Good luck Loth and well done SB! Hope it doesn't rain.

  5. You can do it! Everything will be fine!

  6. I am SO excited for you!! I'll be on a run tomorrow -- just a 3-miler -- but I'll dedicate it to you and your awesome finish! Rock on, Scottish sistah.

  7. GO, Loth, GO!!!! You can do it. We're all running with you, in spirit of course, which seems relatively easy from my couch across the sea. But we're with you! And VERY proud of you. Congrats to SB, too. Let us know how you did. We'll all be waiting to hear.