Thursday, 22 May 2008


That describes how I have been feeling this week. I have hit a sort of slump generally: work blech, no exercise, not eating particularly well (except for my fruit and veg intake: I eat fruit for lunch these days and on at least two days this week my daily intake was 14.5 portions of fruit and veg. Knocks your 5 a day into a cocked hat, huh?) But other than my slow transformation into some sort of fruitarian sloth, nothing. Except WAY too much cheese.

So the weight has started to creep back on and I feel yuck but somehow I always forget that it is exercise that makes me feel less yuck so I just sigh and have a slice of buttered toast instead. Good grief, I can get really pathetic in the space of a week.

Anyway, today I hauled myself up by the scruff of the neck (an interesting manoeuvre but necessary). I cancelled my membership of the Cooncil gym. It's a nice little gym but realistically just too far away for me to get to in a lunchtime so I barely use it. The journey in the car there and back is soul-destroying and just puts me off most of the time (especially with the tram roadworks in Edinburgh just now - don't get me started) so it was false economy: paying less money for a gym I hardly use as compared to (a lot) more money for one I do/did.

Cooncil gym cancelled, I went back to my old, shiny twice-the-price gym and re-joined. I can get to this gym from my office in 2 minutes flat. (Shauna, I think it may be the same shiny gym you once haunted - under the cinema?) It has free parking and a swimming pool for the days I don't feel like gym-ing. It has perky instructors in the gym and lots and lots of machines. It is close to the canal for short lunchtime runs. It is expensive but I think, overall, worth it. I am more likely to go there, simple as that. I have stopped buying expensive and fattening lunches from the local shops (Pret a Manger being particularly alluring and pricy) and since discovering the joys of, I no longer regularly spend the equivalent of the GDP of a small country on books, so I reckon I can justify the cost.

So with my new gym card nestling in my purse, I am planning a swim tomorrow to ease back in. I'll get a programme made up one day next week - mostly weights and cross-training type stuff because I still plan to get most of the cardio from my running. Wish me luck. By the time I hit Canada in July, I will be svelte. Or, at least, a bit less wobbly. I'd settle for that.


  1. I have found that WW witht he exercise has worked so well. I know everyone hates to think "diet" but honest to God, it works! And I can eat anything!

  2. I love to swim. I almost put a pool in, justifying the cost by convincing myself of all the exercise I would get. But then had to remind myself I'd only get to use it 4 months out of the year.

  3. that's the one baby! i sometimes cross the bridge and scrounge a guest pass off a pal, just to take my ol body pump class, hehe.

    here's to getting back into the swing o things. hang in there comrade!!!

  4. Do you know, I can't think of an interesting and witty comment? I've just deleted several as being trite and feeble. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that it's 1 am? Perhaps I should go to bed.

    Well done for regyming yourself, anyway.

  5. Just been out for a run and swallowed a huge fly- run and free lunch in one go. Off to look at that book site...

  6. I wonder of there is some scientific reason why we both hit a slump in May? Diet fatigue or something.

    Hope you enjoyed your swim and your mojo returns ASAP.

    My best holiday in the world was Canada and I didn't want to come home ever ever ever!

  7. Ah, that's TV's gym. Another excellent reason I've found not to go.

  8. I hear ya, Loth. I sometimes go into what I think of as a mental and physical hibernation for a week or two. I try to just do a lot of saunas and go for picturesque walks when that happens. I find if I try to run on the treadmill during those times, I am so mentally distracted I usually end up at the back on the treadmill, crumpled on the floor.

    If all else fails, I read poetry. And for me, that's not a good sign.

    Good luck and be gentle with yourself!

  9. I haven't looked into gyms yet, but I know I need to. Both of my nearest at both council gyms, approx 15 mins away, but they are nearer than the private gym.

    I'm just at the start of my weight loss journey so quite a lot of things I need to look into.

    Best wishes,

  10. Be sure to have low-cal snacks handy. Swimming makes one really, really hungry!

  11. FOURTEEN POINT FIVE portions of fruit and veg?! OMG! You will drain your insides away at that rate! heh heh

  12. *sigh* readitswapit saved me from bankruptcy!