Sunday, 28 September 2008

Memememememe! (again, I'm a sucker for memes)

Tagged by the divinely and slightly (despite what he says) musk-ox-esque Kal for a meme. One that makes you think too. Oh well, here goes.

I am: More fun than I look, most of the time.

I think: Too much.

I know: A lot of trivia. Seriously, lots. Go on, test me.

I have: A birthmark. Quite a big one. No, you can't see it.

I wish: I didn't care what people think.

I hate: Anything bad happening to children. Makes me cry. Oh, and celery. Blech.

I miss: My days at University. I really didn't make the most of them at the time and would love to be able to go back and do it all again properly. Obviously, I would also like to be 19 again because a 41 year old throwing up in a gutter in Freshers' Week is just sad.

I fear: For my children. But that's normal, isn't it?

I hear: Right now? The fan on this god-awful Stalinist crappy laptop I got to replace my lovely Vaio which was stolen in the burglary. Seriously, it's so loud you have to shout over it.

I smell: Badly. I don't mean I smell bad - well, I suppose I might but no-one has taken me to one side and tactfully handed me a can of Right Guard yet - I mean that my sense of smell is poor. I am the person you don't want to have around in a gas leak. "No, I can't smell a thing, I'm sure it's fine, go ahead and light that candle....."

I crave: Everyone’s approval. Copying Kal here but it's true (See: I Wish above). I have a deeply ingrained need to try to make other people happy, even if it makes me miserable. I am happy knowing my misery is making them happier. Wow, I'm screwed up.

I search: For car keys, missing socks and bits of Lego.

I wonder: What would have happened if I had stood up to my guidance teacher at school and gone of to study marketing and modern languages at Uni like I wanted to.

I regret: Not travelling more when I had the chance, before work and children sucked all of the time (and money) away. I know now I will never backpack around Europe.

I love: Books and words generally; comfort food; my husband and children; pompous self-important depressing 80s music; Strictly Come Dancing (sorry, had to get it in somewhere). Oh, and chocolate but that' s a bad relationship I'm trying to get out of.

I ache: When I get up in the morning. I am getting on a bit, you know.

I am not: The droid you are looking for.

I believe: In rainbows. Achoo. (Only my husband will get that one)

I dance: Horribly and very self-consciously, unless it's a ceilidh in which case I dance dangerously.

I sing: Even though my children beg me to stop.

I cry: More than I would like to. But I'm working on that.

I fight: Not at all. I am not a fighter, I'm a run-away-and-avoid-conflict-er.

I win: Logical arguments. I am a fearsome and relentless debater as long as the topic is not too close to home.

I lose: My sense of perspective sometimes. And earrings.

I never: Wear make-up. Never learned, can't be bothered.

I always: used to say I would never get married or have children. Hmmm. Let's see if this still works: "I will never win a million pounds on the lottery!"

I confuse: the cat by miaowing at her. She can't figure out whether she's human or we're cats.

I listen: to music when running and when other people are around. On my own, I like silence.

I can usually be found: I am not that good at hide and seek.

I am scared: Of heights if I am somewhere up high and there is no barrier. In other words, top of the CN tower, indoors? No problem. Standing too close to the edge of a moderate cliff? Eek.

I need: To stop eating chocolate and cheese and buttered toast and get back to the fruit and salad before my wardrobe explodes in protest.

I am happy about: This blog and the fact that I have "met" in a virtual sense (and sometimes IRL) so many cool and interesting people through it. If I win the lottery I am taking 6 months off and coming round to visit each and every one of you in person. Don't worry, I'll bring cookies.

I imagine: Frequently.

I am supposed to tag folks now, and I was going to tag Croila but I wasn't quick enough. I think I will cop out instead and let anyone who could do with a blog idea do it if they want (Lynsey, I'm looking at you!)


  1. I hoped you would say that! :) Thank you - this one is cool!

  2. Really loved this post. Funny how similar we all are in so many ways but yet totally different people.

    Would I be right in thinking you've got a bit of a thing about dairy? I have a seriously dodgy relationship with it. We've had to cool things down- was getting in the way of all my bloody clothes.

  3. I ache after bowling at a party on Saturday. It'd almost be worth it if I bowled more than an 87 and didn't get beat by Jack.

  4. I also never wear make up. I wouldn't even know what to do with it if someone gave it to me.

  5. That is such an insightful meme - I shall steal it away forthwith.

    I too wish I had done the traveling thing. Oddly, however, I've been feeling adventurous and thinking that I might actually go on some grand adventures. It is soooo not to late - and we'd appreciate it more now that we're nearly grown-ups, no?

  6. Heather - i ached after bowling last week too, glad its not just me that happens too. i blamed it on the fact i hadnt used my arm muscles for years. im not a press up kind of girl. (sorry to hack your post loth!).

    I dont wear make up either, although now im 30 im sure i should be doing. On the rare occasions i do wear I tend to forget its on a smear it over my face in a child like manner.

  7. Very interesting. I too avoid conflict at all costs. Hope we can meet up again soon, though possibly we need to get Christmas over first (aarrgghh - Tesco seems to think it's next week...)

  8. This meme is pretty cool. I would LOVE to meet you IRL. You would see a lot of repeats if I did this meme (which may happen - don't know yet).