Friday, 5 September 2008

Oh my.

I can barely breathe. I knew Strictly Come Dancing was due to return soon (Second Born told me, hyperventilating with excitement as he did so) and I am naturally in a state of eager anticipation about that. However, that is not happening this weekend. Do you know what is happening this weekend? Do you? Let me tell you.

The Eurovision Dance Contest. I'll pause while that sinks in. The Eurovision. Dance. Contest. Pro-celebrity couples from around Europe in a Eurovision contest. Dancing. I fear I may succumb to overwhelming cheese overload, crumpling gracefully at the knees like a Jane Austen heroine, fanning myself at the thought of the feast of fake tan, sequins and camp-itude in store.

You may recall that I love the Eurovision Song Contest. I have also confessed that I adore Strictly Come Dancing and have infected Second Born with that particular virus too. Now some certifiable lunatic somewhere has come up with the stroke of pure genius that combines the two. And Claudia Winkelman is involved too. It's a good job I don't have a social life as there is no way I am going out on Saturday night now. Could someone else out there please watch it too, so I have someone with whom to discuss the gory details (oh, and there will be gory details, I am sure of it!) afterwards? No? Sure? Okay. Just me then.......


  1. "and have infected Second Born with that particular virus too"

    *dialling Social Services"

    Poor wee man...he doesn't know any better...I blame parents.

  2. OH BABY that sounds like magic. Take the phone off the hook :)

    PS we still need to meet!

  3. Is it just me or will all Eurovision dances involve skirts being ripped off?

    A million Dads live in hope.

  4. Well, we're going to a party tonight (oh yes, we have a fantastic social life...) or at least we are if I can persuade my dear one to come with me. Otherwise I'm going on my own, but actually I'm just going to be polite and would rather be at home. Not sure if I'm going to be able to fit in that contest, though.

  5. Way too late to watch w/ you, sorry.

  6. Loth? I'm sure in most situations you are a lady of discerning and impeccable taste. But where this stuff is concerned I have only two words for you: "sick" and "wrong".


    *shakes head*

    heh heh!