Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm so proud

It's very quiet round here just now. Second Born is away at school camp so we only have one boy to herd around. He is, admittedly, the biggest and loudest of the two (his technique for getting downstairs, for example, seems to involve standing at the top of the stairs and just sort of....letting himself fall, ricocheting off the walls as he goes. Not delicate.) but nonetheless, without a brother to argue with, it is remarkably peaceful around here. No disputes over what to have for dinner, who gets the use of the laptop first, who is breathing too loud, who looked at me funny, etc......... I would almost say it is a recommendation for having only one child were it not for the fact that all the useless information and discussion which FB would normally share with his brother, he is kindly passing on to us instead. My brain may explode with the........the..........eleven-year-old-boyness of it all.

In the meantime, I am thinking of starting a sweepstake: how many minutes or seconds will have elapsed after SB's return on Friday before the squabbling starts again? I am guessing 90 seconds or so. But that might just be my sunny streak of optimism coming out again.

On a positive note, the aforementioned First Born recently informed me that "I have just taken the penultimate pair of boxer shorts from my drawer."

I don't know which makes me happier: the fact that he is remembering to tell me he needs clean underwear before he runs out and we need to rummage in the laundry for the least rank pair to re-use (What? Don't tell me you haven't been forced to do the same at some point) or the use of the word "penultimate".

Who am I kidding? It's the word, no contest.


  1. That's your kid, no doubt about it. I cop to really enjoying having just one kid around too.

    I onece had a washer load of my husband's underwear, wet, when he announced his drawer was empty. I gave him the least damp pair and he never even noticed.

  2. As an English teacher, I am of course impressed by his vocabulary. Maybe you could train him to warn you when he's down to his antepenultimate one next?

  3. And in answer to your comment on my blog: magazine articles about hair, so far. "Hairdresser's Journal" has supplied me so far. Riveting.

  4. Too "so far"s in that comment. I'm known for my elegant prose.

  5. It is shocking whenever our kids suddenly show how smart they are. They really ARE listening... and absorbing it all. They have such an amazing capacity to learn and grow. You should be proud of him!