Friday, 11 September 2009

Weekly Roundup

So, where were we? Oh yes. Nits. Thankfully the boys seem to be nit-free (after much lotion-ing and combing with a teensy tiny comb and scratching our heads in sympathy) so haircuts will happen soon and I will no longer have to consider putting their hair in pigtails.

We were in sunny Troon last weekend (it rained) visiting Father-in-law who had a bit of a bad turn recently but was in great form when we visited. He was chatty, cracking jokes and reminiscent of the Grandad the boys remembered. We ate a lot, including birthday cake and chinese food, chatted and generally hung out. The boys and I also paid a quick visit to Asda (so glamourous I know, you're all jealous). I am actually rather dangerous in places like Asda. I have a bit of a weakness for cookware and kitchen stuff - a visit to Lakeland or the marketplace bit of Ikea, for example, could cause a major dent in my bank account - and even places like Asda are risky. We only went looking for some cheap and cheerful cutlery for FIL and I left with a couple of stainless steel mixing bowls (£1 each! Bargain!) and had to be forcibly restrained by my children from buying big steel serving spoons too.

The working week kicked off as normal with parents' night for First Born who is now in Primary 7. Most of the presentation I had heard before but there was one bit of good news - the school has produced a guide to how they teach maths these days. This is essential to avoid the painful homework sessions with cries of "But that's not how they did subtraction when I was at school!" At least now I'll have a rough idea what the boys are supposed to be doing.

First Born in fact had a remarkably good week. On Thursday he came home and announced that he had had swimming and had been awarded a star sticker from the swimming teacher. Swimming is not one of his strong points, what with the dyspraxia and all.

"Oh great! What was that for?" I asked.

"It" (First Born's brain often works so fast his mouth struggles to keep up)

"Not drowning?" I suggested.

"Yeah!" he grinned.


Later on Thursday he had his drum lesson, which went brilliantly. He can sight read drum notation. Which amazes me every time I see him do it. At the end of the lesson he was presented with the award for Drum Student of the Month by his teacher. FB was struck dumb and BELIEVE ME it takes a lot to do that. It is immensely satisfying to see him doing something complicated well. And enjoying it.

Other than that, not much has been going on here at Casa Loth.

What's that you say? Running? Well, since you ask.....ooh look! The Porcine Aerobatic Display Team are going past the window!........


  1. you get stickers for not drowning? bonus

  2. Drum notation? Didn't know that existed. But I do remember Ginger Baker (of Cream fame for those of you too young to know this) responding when asked a fatuous question about his drumming skills: "I dunno. I just bang 'em."

    You should have bought those spoons. You can never have too many kitchen items.

  3. I love the new marshmallow world where every kid gets awards for stuff and parents get manuals on how to help with homework. Our youth sucked by comparison

  4. Congrats on being nit-free. We were OK last winter, but the winter before the girls had them twice. You get so you dread the letter that comes home in the school bag: There has been a case of headlice reported in Mme. Taylor's class, yadda, yadda (subtext: start vacuuming everything and stock up on toxic shampoo, you poor bastards).

    The drum thing sounds great!

  5. Jon Bon Jovi was once asked in an interview "What would you be if you weren't a talented musician?" and he replied "I'd be a Drummer".

    However, over the last few weeks I've been trying to get a hang of Guitar Hero World Tour and be the drummer of the band, I'll just say, well done FB, it's not as easy as it looks.

  6. I read this last week and didn't comment, but just had to come back and tell you about an article I just read in the Washington Post. Two women have started a business and their one and only service is to go from home to home and de-louse children. I am not kidding. Of course, when I think about it, I'm guessing I'd be willing to pay someone big money to do that for me too.

  7. Thank goodness you didn't bang the spoons. Metal scraping on metal??! Eeeeuuuuwww!

    But that's grand about the maths tuition on tuition. I'm struggling with how to remember stuff like "five take away three" in Gaelic at the moment, so I dunno if I'm much help with D's maths, or "matamataig" as they call it. :-/

    And good achievements for FB - well done him! He must have been fair away with himself? Sounds like the boy done well!