Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Things I am currently not good at

Blogging apparently. I don't know why, but every time I think about writing something at the moment, the details of my doings just sound so mundane that I can't believe anyone would want to read it. I certainly can't be bothered writing it! I'm not saying I want my life to be full of drama (drama in life tends to be, on balance, a negative thing a lot of the time) but something interesting now and again would be nice.

So, with that stellar build-up, what have I been up to? Not a great deal, really. We have booked ourselves a little holiday as we planned - off to a farm cottage near Pickering in Yorkshire for the school October week. My Mum and Dad will hopefully join us straight from a babysitting stint for my brother in the Lake District so that should be fun. I haven't spent much time in Yorkshire (sum total of visits so far: a couple of nights visiting our former flatmate when she was a prison officer in York and a couple of nights in Harrogate when our friends got married there) so looking forward to doing a bit of exploring.

It has just occurred to me actually that both of the Yorkshire friends referred to have married and divorced since we visited. I knew that there was a period in your life when your friends all got married and then another when they all started having kids. I just hadn't appreciated that there is also a period when lots of your friends get divorced, but it does seem to be the case.

Anyway, Husband is jetting off tomorrow for work. This time it is Basingstoke (via Southampton) - tres glamourous n'est-ce pas? I will be at home, boy-herding and packing for us all to pop off to Ex-Brother-in-Law's family cottage up near Arbroath for the weekend. I really like Arbroath and we are all looking forward to decent fish and chips and lots of wet and windy walks (this being October in Scotland). Oh, and all four of us will be sleeping in a glorified garden shed perched on the edge of a cliff. Which is always fun.

What else?..........Nope can't really think of anything. I will try to post something less mundane soon, promise.


  1. To me, everything you write is fascinating because it's foreign. Also because you make the everyday things amusing and often hilarious - and who doesn't need some foreign hilarity in their day, right? I know I do.

  2. Nonsense - it's the everyday things that make blogs readable, so don't stop. The glorified garden shed on the edge of a cliff might prove to be a bit exciting too!

  3. Please email me some fish and chips.