Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Nearly there....

Back from our longest stint yet at The Corbies - 4 whole days and nights. The cottage is nearly finished now - we have carpets, furniture and even beds. No plates and pots to speak of yet, but that's the next thing on the list. When I have more time, I will regale you with tales of how we got a couch that measures a minimum of 30" in each direction through several doorways that measure only 28" wide. (It involved my sister-in-law having to crawl into the house UNDER the couch as three of us held it at an interesting angle). I tell you, if you ever want to move large furniture into an awkwardly small cottage, let me know and I'll ask SIL to lend you her partner. The man is a spatial reasoning genius.

Anyway, more updates and some photos soon. Promise.

PS Found a deep shiny purple toaster in the Argos catalogue. Am seriously tempted.


  1. Absolutely to the toaster! I favor purple!

  2. Purple toaster - sounds just right.
    My nightmare is pianos and stairs with two landings.

  3. Purple kitchen stuff!! Perfect!

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  5. Only if you butter the toast the very moment that it pops from the purple toaster. *ducks*

  6. Have you got a garden?? Where you can GROW stuff?