Sunday, 6 February 2011

We have carpets!

Another trip down to the Corbies this weekend, mainly to check if the carpet fitter had been. He had and the downstairs of the cottage is now looking distinctly habitable. We hoovered, dusted and did a little repair work on the paint finish in the living room where it had gone a bit "odd" over the new plaster.

We also did a LOT of measuring as we are now at the stage of being able to move actual furniture into the house - only 5 months or so after we got the keys - and wanted to do a quick check that the various bits and pieces we want to bring down would actually fit! A large van has been booked for next Friday, beds have been both sourced and purchased and a sofa excavated from the depths of my sister-in-law's garage. My father has kindly agreed to drive the van for us, which is helpful as none of the rest of us felt capable of doing so. Dad used to work in container shipping and in his time has driven everything from brand new Rolls Royces destined for Arab princes to straddle carriers used for picking up and shifting entire cargo containers. A Luton van should hold no fears for him. He has agreed to be paid in bacon butties and hero-worship from his grandsons.

So hopefully by Friday night we will not only have proper beds to sleep in, but also proper chairs to sit on. Next task: acquiring plates, pots, pans and other kitchen gubbins.


  1. Wonderful! This is so much fun!

  2. I like the payment. Although I can only guess what bacon butties are, hero worship is always accepted currency.

  3. This is all so exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing photos at some point in the future.

  4. Love bacon butties! Love that the Corbies is coming together. There used to be a custom, brought here by the Scots settlers, of a couple canvassing all the neigbours, bag in hand, for bits and pieces to 'fettle' their new home. This act has a Scottish name but I can't remember it.
    I never knew an established kitchen that couldn't spare something. Mine certainly could. I wish you could arrive at my door, bag in hand, but I bet Canada Customs would complain.