Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things I wish I had not done

I do not wish that I had decided not to visit the charity shop yesterday, as I found 6 quite groovy side plates for £1.40 - score!

I do however wish that I had not decided that I could do with some exercise and that I should therefore get the bus home which leaves me about a mile or so to walk back to the house from the stop.

I do wish I hadn't worn boots with heels, resulting in very sore feet after the aforementioned walk.

I do wish I had not been so keen to get out of those damn boots that I pulled them off in the kitchen before I started to make myself some lunch.

I do wish I hadn't forgotten to take them upstairs when I went up to change. Or on any of the many later occasions when I left the kitchen to go upstairs (shifting laundry, chasing boys into showers etc).

In short, I wish I hadn't left my boots lying on the kitchen floor all afternoon and evening. With the cat. Who was behaving in a suspicious and jumpy manner.

Because then I would not have had to spend the five minutes before bedtime last night emptying a terrified (and surprisingly large) mouse out of my boot into the back garden.


  1. Oh I really hate mice! They just scare me. Silly, yes?

  2. No no, this was good. Otherwise you would have had to pursue the mouse round the house. It caught itself for you. Handy. Like my box trick.

  3. Right. Serendipidy. I was almost ready to read that the cat ate your boot.
    A score of plates is a fine thing.

  4. Ewwwwww. Now I'm going to be twitching for hours while I think of that.

  5. I'm with Isabelle. The cat and your boot did the job for you. Or at least made it easier.

  6. Well, that proves my point. Exercise in all forms IS BAD FOR YOU.