Friday, 4 January 2008

Ho hum.

Back to work. Yuck. I was just getting used to that lady of leisure malarkey. Well, as much of a lady of leisure as you can be with 2 small boys in the house. Which is not much, frankly. I came back into the office yesterday and started dealing with the mountain of mail under which, I believe, my desk is hiding.

The horror of the first day back was softened slightly by the fact that I did not have to run straight home at 5 to the children. The boys had been kidnapped by Granny and Grandad and taken to Livingston to stay the night. This benefits everyone: my parents didn't have to get up at the crack of sparrowfart this morning to drive to Edinburgh before we left for work; the boys got to stay with their grandparents and be spoiled rotten and my Dad had the unutterable joy of being dragged outdoors in sub-zero temperatures to build a snowman. Called Snowy, apparently. (Nice to see the kids are maintaining their penchant for descriptive names. Stuffed dog called Woofy. Stuffed rat called Ratty Guy. Stuffed buffalo called Horny. Stop sniggering in the back there).

Anyway, that meant husband and I were let off the leash so we went out for a meal and didn't get home till 8.30!! Then we sat until about 11pm trying to do Second Born's Rubik's cube. By following the instructions in the booklet. Because we are both nerdy and slightly pathetic. We were ridiculously pleased when we managed it - I could never do it when I was in my teens. Well, not without peeling all the wee stickers off and sticking them back on in the right order. Which I gather was considered cheating.

On the bright side, the week has been very short and it is now the weekend. Hopefully the horrible slushy snow will disappear and we will be able to get out and about a bit. And just to set you up for the weekend, a little reminder of summer.

That's our 15 (soon to be 16) year old cat and Second Born hanging out in our garden last summer. Just what I need to look at to remind me that we will get daylight and sunshine back eventually! Hope you all have a good weekend.

P.S. I am eating a chocodoodle as I type this!


  1. I refuse even to consider making chocodoodles because I'm deeply suspicious of their vitamin content. They sound Bad to me.

    Lovely cat though! And boy!

    Is doing the Rubic Cube from instructions in a book also possibly just a tiny bit... cheating also? Just asking.

    I go back to work on Monday. Moan.

  2. Tomorrow's the day I attempt to make American Chocodoodles with Scottish measurements. Rest assured that if they don't turn out, I'll simply be expecting you to mail me some of my own!

  3. We'll be happy to try your rejects at my place, coffeedog. Airmail, please :-)

  4. When John and I get a night alone, we are also usually home by 8:30, and either I go to sleep and he watches ESPN, or we play the boys' PlayStation. It's a sad, sad, state of affairs.