Thursday, 17 January 2008

No longer unclean

Boiler fixed. Hot water! Shower! Central heating! Aaaaaahhhhh.......................

I had not realised what a softy I had become. The weather was not really that cold but I really missed my central heating. What a wuss! When husband and I bought our first flat together, it had no central heating and we couldn't afford to fit any. We also could not afford to run the electric immersion heater. Fortunately our electric shower heated its own water so we had hot showers but cold water for everything else, and one of those Calor gas bottle heaters in the living room for warmth. We were tough in them days!!!

My mother was indeed about to point out the good sense of the Scottish Gas three star plan but then did the arithmetic and worked out that we'd have paid them about £1200 over the years by now and in fact only paid £200 to get the boiler up and running and happy again. She is now grumbling slightly under her breath. Another victory for the lazy-and-willing-to-risk-their-household-appliances-going-phut-brigade!!!!

Our car is in for its MOT as I write, so please keep our little Astra in your thoughts. At least I know the exhaust won't fail.........

And we still don't actually have the PC World vouchers in our sticky hands so I won't be declaring complete victory quite yet in the battle of the melting laptop. Watch this space...

Finally, I am happy this morning because Husband got home safe and well last night, apart from a nasty cold, and because Torchwood is back on TV and I do like some Captain Jack. And Captain John, too, now.

More interesting post next time, promise. I was tagged for a meme by Isabelle which I really want to do so may tackle that shortly.


  1. You already know what I'd do for heat. It seems like things always break at our house in threes.

  2. Goodness, Heather! You must have an X-rated blog...

    We have 3 star from Scottish Gas and believe me, we get our money's worth with our elderly central heating system.

    Looking forward to that music meme.