Sunday, 27 January 2008

Was that the weekend?

Well, I took the shoes for a test drive on Friday. Went to the gym and did a wee run to try them out. They seem pretty good although I had been shown a funny way to lace them up to provide more arch support and that felt a bit weird, so I don't think I'll do that again.

Saturday dawned and after I had done the ritual worshipping of Sainsbury's, we gave the boys the joyous tidings that we were all going to PC World. They were delighted. By which I mean of course that they moaned and whinged and whined about how it would be boring and why did they have to go and what was in it for them? We suggested that if they gave us any more grief, they would not get to play with the shiny new laptop so they graciously agreed to come. By which I mean of course they thumped about the house getting ready, took 10 minutes to find their shoes, continued to moan and fought with each other all the way to the car for good measure.

They succumbed of course to the lure of shiny things once we actually got to PC World and scooted off to find the phones, iPods, TVs and Macbooks that THEY JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT PLEASE CAN WE GET THEM TODAY PLEASE? WHY NOT? WHY NOT? BUT CHRIS/MURRAY/LOUIS HAVE THEM!!!!!

So we got our new laptop - a shiny shiny black Toshiba one. With keys, and stuff. (I am not in charge of the technical side, can you tell?) Husband has spent the weekend setting it up and transferring stuff over and growling a bit, but I think it is now ready to go. At least I presume it is as the boys (and by that I mean husband and SB) spent a bit of time this evening working on their face-pulling into the webcam. Important stuff.

I even managed another run this morning whilst FB was at his karate class so I might actually be getting back into the swing of the regular running. I dropped FB off for a birthday party at Laser Quest a.k.a. Small Boy Heaven, where he scampered off to join the other hyped-up 9 year olds. I headed home and was met by SB complaining about being bored. Which turned out in fact to mean "I'm tired of being indoors" so we anorak-ed up (the wind was still pretty gusty here today) and headed up to the park. We played tig (I lost) and SB filled me in on the plotline and scripts of all 5 of the Animaniacs DVDs I got for Christmas. Yes, I got the DVDs for Christmas but have not been able to watch them yet as they have been snaffled by the kids. At least they have good taste - the Animaniacs are cool!

FB came home hyped up on sugar and adrenalin ("My name was Fat Rat and I shot Steven 36 times!") and was mugged at the door by SB who is not daft and knows there will almost certainly be a chunk of birthday cake in the goody bag that his milk-allergic brother can't eat and he can pinch. There was and he did.

After persuading the boys to scrub themselves less stinky in the shower, then persuading them that if they both slept in one single bed with 47 soft toys they probably wouldn't get much sleep, we are now downstairs. There are 4 laptops in this room, 2 of them in use. We have just eaten a huge pile of moussaka, which was yummy even if I do say so myself and the double chocolate chip cookies the boys "made" me bake are calling. Well, I burned off 420 calories in that run this morning you know!

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  1. Found you through the Cactus.

    How do you like your new laptop? Does it have Windows XP or the new system, Vista?