Monday, 3 November 2008

Adult Education

Things I learned this weekend:
  • I am incapable of being left alone with the remains of the Halloween fun size Mars bars. It was them or me and as I am here blogging, I think you can work that one out
  • Kneading bread dough by hand works muscles in my shoulders I never knew I had
  • You can sell anything to small boys as long as you make it collectable. Just as we are recovering from the Great Pokemon Card plague, along come Go-Gos. They are small, plastic, brightly coloured and, as far as I can see, of no earthly use. Boys love 'em.
  • There is still one last remaining Wimpy in Edinburgh on Portobello Prom. I thought McDonalds and Burger King had driven the old Wimpy to extinction, but it lingers on in Porty. I am old enough to remember the Wimpy on Castle Street in the days when in the quaint British version of a burger joint you still got waitress service. And proper plates. And cutlery. And they did a desert called a Brown Derby which if memory serves me correctly, was a doughnut with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. Mmmmm.
  • I am really really rubbish at running. After managing a 10k in May, on Sunday morning I managed 4.5k. In 40 minutes. And I walked a lot of it. Still it was a lovely morning, all sunny and frosty and at least I went.
  • A visit to B&Q to buy a length of flexible ducting does not constitute a fun day out and no 8 year old worth his salt will believe it does
  • You cannot drive anywhere in Edinburgh in less than 40 minutes these days.
Having just read back over the above points, I appear to be becoming middle aged. I derive a disproportionate amount of joy from a nice cup of tea and I have recently noticed myself making that satisfied sighing/groaning noise as I lower myself into chairs. I am clearly on the slippery slope. I hope the boys pick me a good nursing home. One with doughnuts.


  1. Ha ha ha! What a lovely blog. If that is middle aged then I too am well on my way, and only 28. We raked leaves yesterday for 1.5 hours and I am stiff and a little sore today. Using muscles in my shoulders that I too didn't remember having or previously using. ;)

  2. Oh the Wimpy on Castle Street! How I miss it!! I had a couple of birthday parties there when I was little. Mr Wimpy used to come out for a boogie and was a bit scary (and smelly). Wimpy had nice burgers, and then Burger King came along with their relish and I got the shock of my life. :(

  3. I was scared of Mr Wimpy, too. He was a sort of papier maché shell with human legs coming out the bottom.

    The Brown Derby thing sounds ripe for retro-revival, though. I have a hard time imagining how a combo of doughnut, ice cream and chocolate sauce could NOT be nice.

  4. I still compare McDonalds to Wimpy, it's not nearly as good as my memory of Wimpy was. There's still one in Motherwell town centre, although I've never been to it. No idea if they still do table service.

  5. OMG I love Mars bars but we don't have them here. If we did, I definitely wouldn't be able to be left along with them.

  6. Ah the Wimpey on Castle Street...I had my first proper grown up (14) date there...the romance of it. More to the point what was the name of the big cafe place where Burger King is now opposite the Balmoral...was it Woolies (or am I really old). I remember going there once a year when my mum was doing her christmas shopping....we only lived in Penicuik (10 miles away) but we only went into town once a year!!